How exactly do you get him to propose? Wear your L*Space Cozumel Bikini all day err’day. End of Blog.

Kidding! Actually, a bralette top shot would probably do the trick. BUT, let’s spread some more info your way. We’ve all been in those relationships where we wonder “what’s next?” For some, the engagement itch begins.  It definitely can get frustrating when your man isn’t showing you any signs of kicking your relationship to the next level. So after some serious brainstorming, we have come up with a few tips on how to get him down on one knee in no time.

Here’s a Hint, Hinting Only Works for Women.

Men don’t usually pick up on hints too well, so by leaving his web browser open to your dream wedding dress, or quietly playing “From this Moment On” by Shania Twain when he sleeps, chances are it won’t work. Try communicating with him openly, without pushing the pressure. By now, if you’re considering engagement, then you should be able to have open dialogue with him about the future – whether it is a desire to live together, or just taking the next step in general. Approach with caution and always make sure you are prepared for his answer.

Attend Family Functions

This is crucial on fixing a future together. By getting in with the fam, and hopefully having them fall for you, this starts the inevitable family gathering question, “so when are you two getting married?” Even if the idea has been the wedding-dress-wearing elephant in the room, once it is verbally sent out into the cosmos and reinforced by his family, it should only be a matter of time. And if he is a momma’s boy? Guess what, you just got yourself a new best friend.

Take Some Tips from Giada

It’s no secret that men love a woman who can throw down in the kitchen. If your secret weapon meal is a packet of Ramen, we have work to do. Enroll yourself in a cooking class, or TiVo a few episodes of Giada and start learning the ways of culinary cuisine. Once he sees you’re a functioning chef, and a damn good one at that, he’ll be confident that his appetite will be in good hands for the rest of his life.


Look Hot

We were only partially kidding about the bikini every day. But men love when a woman keeps herself maintained. Sometimes when we have been with our significant others for so long, we tend to get comfortable. Which is okay. Just make sure that every once in a while you invest in yourself, because ultimately this is what attracted him to you in the first place. Besides the fact you’ll boost your confidence sky high in the meantime. So don’t skip that manicure girl, just in case he pops the question you want to be Instagram ready.

Minimize the Ladies Night

Definitely don’t cancel the weekly wine night with your gals that gives you reason to make it through the work week. But if you’re going out with your single gal friends a few times a week, it’s time to cut back. Most men aren’t interested in the party girl who knows the name of every bouncer in a ten mile radius. Curtail the gallivanting around town you did when you were single and show him how locking you down will be the best decision he’s made.

Ring Schming

For most women, it’s not about how much money the engagement ring costs. It is about being permanently committed to the one person you don’t want to live without. And if this is the case, make sure he knows it. Fit it into the conversation how you don’t need an 18 carat Tiffany Novo (swoon). Most men will find this extremely attractive that you don’t need the glitz and glam and just want to be his wife. He’ll be so ecstatic that he just might splurge anyway.

Point Out Happily Married Couples

Now, we don’t mean grab every celebrity magazine and cut out all the pictures of Brad and Angelina and put them in his gym bag. Reel in the crazy. Simply start commenting on married couples you know that are happy and have made it work. Mention their loyalty and commitment, even if they are celebrities. This may just spark an idea as well as confirmation of how well you two are together.

We hope we helped in one way or another. Just make sure you send us your engagement ring photos and an invite to the wedding

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