Superficial or not, one of my top priorities during spring and summer is keeping up a sun-kissed color at all times. Living in Miami, if you’re not tan, you are assumed to be living under a rock. And let me tell you, I am never happy to be thought of as an “under a rock” resident. I make it a point to keep up my bikini bod and visit the beach at least once a month. But getting the best beach tan is about more than consistently laying on the sand. With all these things superficial, there are important procedures that have to be followed.

1 – Scrub that body. When you are getting ready for the beach, make sure you use a body scrub when you take a shower. That way you have gotten rid of flaky or dead skin that won’t help you pick up Mr. Sun. You don’t need to buy a fancy-shmancy scrub for good tanning results. Any body scrub sold at your local drug store will do. But if you’re feeling enthusiastic, forget the middle man! Take a container with you to the beach and fill it with sand from the ocean, so it’s juicy enough to be a scrub. You can’t go wrong with a straight-from-the-source product. No one will think you’re crazy. In fact, I would be your friend.

2 – SPF only, please. I know tanning accelerators and oils are enticing, but they are bad bad bad news. You don’t want to be a roasted turkey, just a bronzed babe. From my experience as a tanning professional (self-proclaimed), I get a way better and more natural color when I use SPF 30. I put it on my nose, shoulders and upper back, and sometimes my booty if I’m wearing a Brazilian-cut bikini. Please note that I am Puerto Rican and my skin welcomes tanning. If you are more of a very white and prone to burning kind of girl, I would recommend putting SPF all over. You’ll thank me later when your sun-kissed cheeks are natural and tan lines are sexy and subtle.

3 – Take a dip! Tanning at the beach is not all about laying out until you can’t anymore. It took me a long time to realize that going in the water attracts the sun more. Who woulda thought, I know. I imagine it has something to do with the ocean water reflecting the sun off of your wet body. But trust me I’ve gotten some of my best body tans while goofing off in the ocean.



4 – Be mindful of tan lines. For the most part I personally love tan lines and wearing triangle bikinis. They truly look best on my small-chested figure. But I will admit that every once and while I have a special event where I need to look like I am this tan shade naturally. For those moments, I go with an underwire bandeau top, preferably with removable straps for some two-in-one bikini fun.


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