We’ve all done it…waking up bright and early for work after a long night of fun and shameful shenanigans.  Don’t worry, it happens only to the best of us. Whether it be an after work happy hour or a late night bikini party with the girls, you can’t deny that partying during the week has become a routine for some.  The worst part is trying to hide your painful hangover from “El Jefe”.  The first thing every lady should remember is, your boss doesn’t know you’re hung over, so don’t let her figure it out! So although you may feel like death, it is still your job to look FAB in the office.  Here are 5 beauty tips that will perk up your morning after a party:

Hydrate – Alcohol dries out everything! The first thing you will see the morning after is a head full of straw-like hair and desiccated skin. Yikes! To get a quick hydration boost from the inside out, supplement your body with some B12-complex and fish oil vitamins. By the time you are ready to face the world you will look refreshed and recharged. We also can’t stress enough how much drinking water helps a hangover.

Avoid Puffy Eyes – Try sleeping with 2 pillows at night.  By elevating your head while you sleep you are actually draining excess fluid from accumulating under your eyes which will help deflate your hangover face.  You can also try holding warm teabags over your eyes for 2 minutes after you wake up.  The caffeine from the tea will fight off inflammation and help you look rested.

Cake is for Dessert – DO NOT cake on your makeup! Heavy makeup on a tired face is a dead giveaway to a wild night.  Of course you want to use your best concealer to mask any dark circles you most likely have, but keep your foundation to a minimum. Instead, use heavy moisturizing cream to bring that lively glow back to your face and finish off with a light facial powder.

Eyes Tell All – Your eyes are the first thing people see when they look at you so keep it simple. Eye drops and mascara are all you need! Wear a bold lipstick on days that you are hung over. This way you can draw attention to other facial features which will distract anyone from noticing any dark circles or puffy bags under your eyes.

Less is more – Don’t over dress while you’re still recouping.  Dress comfortable and look confident in the morning.  An over-sized sweater with skinny jeans and solid flats are the perfect formula to an easy yet stylish look. Don’t know what to do with that hair? Turn your mangled, slept-on hair into an instantly chic topknot up-do. Your boss will never know…

So the next time you decide to rage on Halloween, or head out for free champagne Wednesdays at the bar down the street from your office, keep in mind these 5 simple tips. Because, hey, it happens.


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