How to Make the Most Out of your Swimwear

Its official bikini, season is here and with that comes the stressful planning of beach outfits and how to make them Instagram worthy. Living anywhere that has seasons means you only get a few months to wear your bikinis, one pieces, cover ups, sandals and most of us don’t really get to have as many designer swimwear as we wish we had. This can be stressful for us gals but with a few tips and tricks you’ll get to maximize your looks for summer using key pieces.

Mix and Match

My years of experience in the online shopping world have taught me that I have a shopping problem: I WANT IT ALL. Has that ever happened to you? You go to your favorite website, and realize that you might as well put everything on your cart because you want, and NEED everything. But let’s face, it if I had 5k to spend on bikinis I would, but most of us girls just want to maximize our purchases. This means using that top to its fullest potential. I used to purchase my swimwear just as it was shown on the website until I finally discovered a little thing known as: mixing and matching!

What does this mean? Let’s say I buy a printed bikini and a solid bikini. You would usually think you only have 2 possible looks with this purchase. Hold on, I can create up to eight looks with a smart purchase of 2 bikinis, I’ll show you:




By smart purchase I mean buying solids sand prints that can be easily combined with one another and if they’re reversible you’ve hit the jackpot. Make sure the prints are easy to pair with solids as well and try to diversify on the top styles you purchase. Let’s say you purchase a bandeau top, make sure the other one is not a bandeau styles as well. The possibilities are endless, get a triangle, high neck, bralette, underwire, crop top, bralette you know the deal. Go crazy on the bottom styles too by getting a Brazilian string bottom and then go for a moderate cut hipster, or trying high waisted or full coverage bottoms with a strappy or caged look.



Reversibles and Convertibles

I am a sucker for a good deal and I’ve recently discovered that reversible bikinis are a girl’s best friend. If you can wear a top or a bottom on both of its sides it means 2 for the price of one… #winning! Many brands are getting into the reversible bandwagon, they know we love it. Brands like Maylana and Agua Bendita  are redefining the whole mix and match concept with reversible tops and bottoms that go from solid to prints and look amazing together.

I can’t help but think about cars when I hear the word convertible, but turns out bikinis can be convertibles…who knew? This is most commonly seen on tops that can be styled differently. Bandeau tops that have straps can be turned into bralettes or halters. There are also halter tops that can be turned sideways to be converted into bandeaus. The idea behind this is to style your tops or bottoms differently so you can get more than one look out of it; smart.





What makes a look complete? Accessories! And for summer you need your essentials: sandals or espadrilles (or both), all sorts of cover ups like tunics, rompers, shorts, dresses and of course accessories like hats and sunglasses that help create a whole look. Who doesn’t love accessories?
A stylish cover up will make wonders when trying to dress up your bikini and if you’re trying to hide some problem areas as well. With social media being so hyped, if you’re wearing a cover up in one photo and a bikini on the other, it gives the impression of multiple looks- score! Swimwear brands are now focusing more on creating cover ups that complete your bikini look and have beautiful details that stand out. Lacey tunics and cover ups, maxi dresses and embellished shorts help bring the beach look together and will definitely make you look more polished and stylish.



On a Budget?

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. The Orchid Boutique has thought of everyone when selecting their brands. Our very own Orchid Label brand is a budget-friendly yet stylish and playful brand that will get you more for your buck. Remember that you can always use your reward points at The Orchid Boutique to help you save some money.
The High Summer collection from Maylana has tops and bottoms for every style and preference. Bottoms come in different cuts from tiny Brazilian to full coverage and tops have all possible silhouettes from high necks to bandeaus. The wide variety of options makes it easier for you to find something that will flatter you. They are reversible and they can be easily mixed and matched, I like the sound of that!


Taking Care of your Swimwear

All of these tips are spectacular but at the end of the day taking care of your swimwear is just as important to maximize the life out of it. My first tip is hand washing your swimwear; I know it seems like a hassle but you will thank me later. This is especially important with embroidered bikinis and swimwear with crochet and macramé details. I’ve had countless experiences where I put my bikini on the delicate cycle on my washer and it will come out with wholes or ripped. A good idea is to also avoid harsh detergents that can damage the embroidery or the fabric. Laying it to dry over a towel is a good way to preserve it since the dryer can also cause your bikini to shrink and the high heat might be damaging as well. While you’re at the pool, avoid rough surfaces that are prone to damage your bikini’s fabric.


Ana Lopez

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