The fourth blog in our Shop Your Shape blog series, involves the inverted triangle body shape, or also the heart shaped body type. We’ve already mentioned the straight, hourglass, and pear body shapes, which all have a smaller bust in common. When you have a smaller bust, shopping for tops isn’t as difficult as it would be for say, an inverted triangle. Customers are constantly asking us what brands would work best with small busts, and our answers normally include Maaji and Vitamin A swimwear. But when you’re shopping for a larger bust size, things tend to become a bit more difficult. You want the support necessary to hold up your girls, while also staying fashionable and sexy. That’s why we’re hear to bring your our fourth installment to help you shop your inverted triangle body shape.

Inverted Triangle

So let’s talk first steps and what it means to be an inverted triangle body shape. Visually, it’s exactly how it sounds. You have a larger bust, narrow hips, and a small waist, which when connected, looks like an inverted triangle, or heart. Your shoulders are noticeably wider than your hips, and you may have a more sporty looks (think swimmer, or gymnast). One of the many upsides to having this type of body shape, is that from being heavier and broader on top, your legs sure get a great workout, which means they’re more defined and muscular. The aim of dressing an inverted triangle body shape, is to balance out the broader shoulders, or wider back in order to create a more hourglass shape. This means adding volume to your lower half in order to bring more attention and focus there. So, patterns, prints, designs, and skirty bottoms all work really well when shopping for swimwear. Plunging necklines also work well on top.

We’ve chosen some of our favorite choices for you inverted triangle body shapes out there. Have a look and let us know what you think.

Beach Bunny Running Hot Bikini


– Top and bottom feature color blocking detail throughout
– Balconet style top ties at neck and back
– Top provides molded cups and underwire for added support
– Bottom provides moderate cut coverage at the rear
– Cut out detail at hips
– Ruching detail at center back for a flattering fit

The reason this Beach Bunny suit works so well for inverted triangle shapes, is because you have the plunging neckline on the top, and the bottom has so much detail with the strappy caged feel, that your attention is immediately drawn there.

Maui Swimwear Elizabeth Halter



– Halter style top features banded detail for extra support
– Top ties at neck and back
– Seamless hipster style bottom
– Bottom provides moderate to full cut coverage
– Suit is fully lined
– Features beaded details

The deep plunging neckline makes the shoulders and back seem less broad, while the halter top adds extra support on top. Meanwhile, the attention is drawn to the lower half of the body with all the busy pattern work and design.

Luli Fama Pure Passion Fringe


– Balconet style top
– Fringe detail elongates the torso
– Top ties at neck with adjustable gold clasp at back
– Top provides molded cups and underwire for added support
– Multi-braid straps at hips
– Bottom provides Brazilian coverage at the rear
– Rear provides solid red fabric throughout

One of the most appropriate swimsuits for the inverted triangle body shape because it fills all the criteria. Plunging, deep-v-neck design with the balconet style top. Underwire support and molded cups. Bright red fabric on bottom, with multi-braid strap. Plus you can’t draw more attention to the bottoms than you can with a Brazilian cut bikini.

Trina Turk Venice Beach Tankini



– Tankini features multi color print
– Halter style top provides padding for added support
– Top ties at neck with gold hardware details
– Bottom features gold hardware detail at hips
– Bottom provides full coverage at rear

This tankini is a great choice for the inverted triangle body type because it provides a halter style top with extra support as well as fun, bright patterns throughout. Tankinis aid in leveraging a more hourglass shape with the longer top style, which elongates the torso.

We have plenty of other designer swimsuits for inverted triangle body shapes. Shop our selection today and stay tuned for the last of our Shop Your Shape blog series where we talk about diamond body types!



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