I’ll Blo Myself

Summer is almost over and with all that salt water sucking the life out of my beautiful locks, I think it’s about time for some hair maintenance. This weekend, I gave my swimwear a break and took a little me-time at the hair salon. I’ve mentioned before that I am a natural curly head, and like most of my fellow curly’s I am a slave to my blow drier and iron. Well, recently I decided to give myself a break and get my hair done at Blo Midtown instead. I made fellow blogger, Danielle, come with me because a salon trip is no fun without a friend. Don’t you agree?

The salon is designed very modern and chic with pops of hot pink and white all throughout. It was squeaky clean, including the bathroom, which is very important to me when I get a service done anywhere. Danielle suggested I go first since I have a lion’s mane for hair. I sat down for my wash with the nice male hair dresser that works there. Sadly, I do not remember his name, but he gave me a great head massage. I noticed they also do your final rinse with freezing cold water! Style tip: They do that to minimize frizz, a common hair problem in Miami (you’re welcome).  Any step someone will take to help me avoid my hair frizzing like a fuzz ball is greatly appreciated.

While washing my hair, the nice hairdresser, let’s just call him Tommy, asked me what style I was interested in getting. I described loose, beach waves, a popular choice I’m sure. He let me know Blo has seven styles that they offer, and ‘Pillow Talk’ is similar to what I was looking for.

Once my fantastic wash was over I sat down in his chair and he offered me the menu showcasing their seven styles. ‘Pillow Talk’ was definitely what I wanted, but I was also considering ‘Red Carpet,’ my usual relaxed blow dry. Call me boring, but I like to stick with what I know looks good on me! But they do also offer a thick, side braid, and a super cute high-bun that caught my eye.

Before Tommy started my hair he asked me if I wanted volume. “What kind of volume?,” I asked, very hesitantly. He reassured me by answering, “Don’t worry, not Texas volume,” so I felt safe to agree to some added body. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake on my part and my experience basically went down from there. It wasn’t because of Tommy, he was very gentle with me, but because I had no idea that volume creating products make your hair as dry as the desert. Pre-blow dry he sprayed my hair with a volumizing spray, and then post blow dry he put a volumizing gel on each section of my hair before passing it through the curling wand. He finished me off with a light load of hair spray, but I knew it was too late. Although my style looked very nice, my hair felt thick and dry like a rope. Normally, I can run my fingers through my hair all day, and it feels soft and silky. After Blo I couldn’t pay someone to run their fingers through my hair. It was impossible.

After two more days of my hair getting more dry and unmanageable, I decided if I ever went back I would only allow oils to be put in my hair. The place was great and Tommy was so helpful, but it was disappointing to pay $45 (including tip) for that to happen. For now, I’m going to stick to moi, the best hairdresser I know…

Have you ever been to Blo in your city? Tel me what you think.


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