New Year’s is a time for renewal: to shake off the past and look forward to the future. And, it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions! (Including the one where we resolve to keep all of our resolutions this year!) This year, make a resolution to get the swimsuit body you deserve and show it off in designer swimsuits.

Some tips to help you keep your bikini body New Year’s resolution:

Surfer Girl bikini by Sabz Swimwear
Surfer Girl bikini by Sabz Swimwear

Healthy Choices: New Year’s seems like a good time to make drastic change, but slow and gradual change is more likely to stick over the long run. Instead of trying to change your whole diet, focus on one meal like breakfast (just don’t overcompensate at lunch and dinner!). Pick up one extra exercise routine instead of trying to do something new for an hour a day, five days a week.

Mark Your Progress: Get a calendar that shows the whole year at a glance – all of 2010. If you make healthy choices one day relating to your goal, mark that day off with a red X. Try to get long chains of red Xs going where you don’t miss a day. You’ll get into it and you won’t want to “break the chain!” (This idea came from the most unlikely of places – it’s how Jerry Seinfeld motivates himself to write jokes every day!)

Motivation: Psychologists agree that having a visual representation of your goal can really help you to stay focused. Get pictures of the bikini you want to show off, and put them everywhere! Put a picture in your wallet so that you’ll see it when you go to buy lunch. Make a great designer bikini picture your desktop background to remind you each time you sit down to your computer. And don’t hide your swimsuits in the back of your closet! Bring them front and center to remind you each day of your goal.

Slow and steady wins the race, so make a bikini-ready body your New Year’s resolution, and keep it!


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