Liv Tyler & Rihanna

Ever have a trend you love but wouldn’t wear on certain garments or accessories? Take leopard prints for example. We ADORE leopard print swimsuits (in fact we talk about them a lot), but maybe we’d pass on this trend for other clothing types. Not so sure how leopard print pants would look on us, to be honest. Same goes for certain colors. You may love them on shoes, not necessarily on a dress.

There’s one little trend however that we can’t seem to get enough of. We find the gray trend appealing on virtually any type of garment. From shoes to grandpa jackets (like Rihanna and Liv Tyler) to designer swimwear, gray translates flawlessly.

Dolly Grey Bikini by L*Space

Not sure what it is about it… it’s not black, not white, somewhere in the middle. There are some people who prefer wearing a black swimsuit than a white bikini for example, and vice versa, due to skin tone, but would look great in gray. Gray also fits women of all sizes and is perfect for two-piece or one piece swimsuits. A great option if you’re looking to hit the beach in style is the Dolly Super Fly bikini by L*Space Swimwear.

This fab fringe bikini features a bandeau style top and a string bottom that allows you to adjust your fit on the sides. What we also love is the fact that the fringe is made up of soft cuts of nylon spandex, and flow with you with unconventional comfort and ease.

Front and back view

You can pull on them, caress them, swim in them, and they’ll bounce back to their original condition. That’s the versatility of L*Space swimsuits. Comfort and fashion all wrapped in one sexy little bikini. Get yours here.

For a monokini swimsuit option with the same gray color, try the Tropez monokini also by L*Space.


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