Marysia Swimwear 2010 Collection Ballerina two piece swimsuit by Marysia SwimWhen you were young, did you prance around your bedroom with a tutu on? We kind of did. Who would’ve thought that now, as grown adults, we’d get giddy with excitement when a couture designer comes around that incorporates a ballerina swimwear line with a bit of a punk twist? We’re talking of course, of one of our newest additions, Marysia Swim.

Ever since it’s debut on our swimwear boutique a couple of weeks ago, people can’t seem to get enough of the Tutu bikini in neon pink and white (left). The row of flowy ruffles channel the tutu look but with a subtle flair. In the runway at Fashion Week in Miami, it looked as if in this bikini you’re floating on air in an ethereal, swim-ready way.

Poland-born Maria Dobrzanska Reeves is based out of Charlston, SC and mixes southern charm, eastern European accents, and a ballet influence to create this chic collection of designer swimsuits. Having been a ballerina herself, Marysia (as she is nicknamed by her loved ones) has created a collection of two piece and one piece swimsuits with studs, bright colors, and elegance. Apart from ruffle trims and balconet tops, she does the high-waisted trend exceptionally well, allowing a curvier and more modest woman to still be fashionable in her swimsuit while concealing minor imperfections. Meet the high-waisted Ballerina Bikini (top left)!

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Ana Lopez

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