Whenever we have a fashion show coming up that is definitely a quote you hear flying around the office often. “It’s not a fashion show without drama.” Recently, I was watching my fav Bravo show, The Rachel Zoe Project, and she described fashion shows perfectly. In the front, the crowd is watching beautiful models float down the runway, while backstage it is total madness. But in the end, whether you were a lucky viewer, a sexy model or a stressed out dresser, you always have a good time.

To kick-off Memorial Day weekend in Miami, we hosted a fashion show at Segafredo Brickell, a great bar in the heart of the city. Before the show, we set up a mini Orchid Boutique back stage, and transformed our models into beach goddesses. The formula of a beach goddess: beach waves, bronzer, coral lipstick, bronzer, a hot bikini, and did I mention bronzer?







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When the show started, brands from Mar de Rosas to Maui were strutting down the runway. While jaws dropped we had an intern wipe the drool off of every dude’s face. Haha, okay maybe not, but there were definitely some drool-worthy looks! Let me know which style was your favorite!


















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