Left: Jamie Lynn, her droopy bottom, and her daughter Maddy. Right: At the pool w/ sister Britney.

Jamie Lynn Spears got together with big sister Britney at the mega star’s California home for a good old pool party with the kids last week. Apart from aweing about how much bigger the teen mom’s daughter Maddy is looking, we couldn’t help but notice the droopy swimsuit bottom Jamie is wearing. Why on earth would you wear that god awful granny panty for a swimsuit if you have that body?

Yacht Club Bikini by Sabz

In actuality, Jamie Lynn Spears’ issue is common among petite gals. A full coverage swimsuit cut, which is what she picked out, may not be as flattering for her size as a moderate or brazilian cut coverage. A moderate coverage bottom is an ideal cut for girls sizes 0-6. Moderate refers to a “cheeky” style cut in the rear, which allows you to be sexy without showing too much and also, without looking like you’re wearing your granny’s panties from behind.

For a look like Jamie Lynn Spears’, we recommend going with the Yacht Club Bikini by Sabz Luxury Swimwear. The same earthy tones are present in this style, as well as the string bottom feature, but the back sits without drooping on your bum.

Brit and Jamie take note! Your rears are way too cute to look droopy in a bikini.


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