Jennifer Lawrence has swiftly become America’s girl-next-door. Not only is she awkwardly sweet and humble, but her genuine attitude and sense of humor set her apart from the rest of the celebrity culture. The media craze for “MORE J.LAW” has been at an all time high as of lately. The world almost combusted after she cut her long locks into a practical bob, and the recent story of her eating Doritos in her American Hustle dress made headlines. HEADLINES, people. That’s how much America loves J.Law. That we have breaking news of when she eats Doritos in a dress.

Alas, we can’t help but love her, too. Here are our top 10 reasons why Jennifer Lawrence is our pop culture person of 2013.

She’s clumsy as heck….



You gotta love a celebrity who isn’t perfect. Jennifer Lawrence has shown that she is an offbeat kind-of-gal, who is just like the rest of us. Struggling to open one of the new Altoids container that seem like they’re from outer space.

She loves designer swimwear as much as we do…


When life hands you designer swimwear in the form of a monokini, you must make a trip to the beach. Jennifer Lawrence killed in rocking the black monokini above. Side cuts outs for dayyyyysssssssss.  Shop a similar style here with Orchid Label’s Nina Black Monokini.

The faces she makes are pure gold…

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Lawrence isn’t afraid to be herself on camera, especially when that means making absolutely adorable slash slightly absurd faces. If you ever feel like watching an interview with J.Law there are at least 10 GIf-able faces she makes.

She loves food like we do….

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Eating food really is one of our favorite parts of the day. Jennifer Lawrence clearly agrees. She has no qualms with letting everyone know how much she loves food. J.Law’s body image has been a publicized debate as of last year and the young actress has said that she will not be told to lose weight or to look a certain way. Kudos to that!

The art of photobombing….


Jennifer Lawrence will dive in front of any camera with any celebrity and flash her face. Like when she photobombed Sex and The City star Sarah Jessica Parker, and Marion Cotillard through she was hysterical. In today’s world, photobombing is an art form and Ms. Lawrence has certainly perfected it.

Her versatility as an actress…

jennifer-lawrence-birthday-august-15-2013-milawpid tumblr_ld4um8OwRo1qb0nyxo1_500 tumblr_mgmjowoFrT1qms2auo1_250

Can we just talk about the range she has as an actress? Lawrence has played an amalgam of characters from a member of the X-men to a crazy widow, and she makes us believe that she isn’t even acting. Which is why she keeps racking up the awards. If you haven’t seen Winter’s Bone yet, then please see the film that kickstarted her career into high gear.

The fact she doesn’t give a damn….

683e6a71749c1a8d_YeahCelebrities are normally so obsessed with the way they are viewed by the public, but clearly Jennifer Lawrence does not give a damn. She is silly, and funny, and goofy, and weird, and isn’t trying to put on a perfect exterior or interior. We love her simply for who she is. No apologies. No worries.

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