We frequently discuss celebrity looks that mirror our designer swimwear items, but seldom are those styles featured on celebrities of the male kind. Let’s face it, being that we discuss two-piece bikinis, women’s fashion is just more parallel with our topic du jour. Today, we find it surprising that Kanye West is at the forefront of our current feature.

Oddly enough, what the guy lacks in social skills (enter: MTV Music Awards circa 2009), he makes up for with fashion sense. This time, he seems to be very on trend with a look that has us going ga-ga: red with gray. At first thought, we can see how using an opaque color like gray could clash with red, but actually, it has its little charm about. The gray is not as severe as say, black, and it still makes the red pop.

Etnopop Cindy by Despi

Case in point: the Etnopop Cindy by Despi Swimwear. This sexy bikini features a slew of ‘on trend’ features: geometric/ethnic prints, gray with red, ruffles, and studs. This sexy combination results in a edgy and modern look that is as functional as it is unique. The to triangle top features removable padding for shape and support, and the string bikini bottom allows the option of adjusting the waistline at your preference. We adore this look so much we’re willing to give Kanye some face time on our blog!

We’re kidding, we love his work, the man’s a genius. But for real Kanye, try to stay away from diarrhea of the mouth. It’s a real disease you know.


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