Work it Girl! Kelly Osborne was recently spotted looking happy and confident while on a sunny trip to Australia to promote the women’s magazine “Cleo”.  During her trip I couldn’t help but notice 1) Her incredible body transformation, and 2) Her colorful Tropical Beat bikini by Seafolly Swimwear that looked absolutely AMAZE-Ballz on her.

Seafolly Swimwear in particular is made to comfort women with a larger chest which was a perfect choice for Kelly. The bottoms are full coverage and gave her a very flattering fit… Good Job, Kelly

Kelly was recently on the cover of Self Magazine’s April issue where she talked about her exciting 70 pound weight loss and the steps she is taking to keep the weight off.  In the article, she mentions how everyday activities can make a huge difference, “You can hike, kayak or say ‘OK, I’m going to go out with my friends and not drink, and dance my ass off, and that’s the same as working out. Like, people don’t realize that you just have to be physical, that’s it.”

Although she’s made huge strides in re-shaping her body, Kelly talks a lot about the insecurities that she continues to struggle with which almost any girl can sympathize with.  If you ask me, anyone who can’t appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to lose a drastic amount of weight like Kelly did… well they can SUCK IT!

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