Kourtney Kardashian is one celebrity who does not like Photoshop. Actually, all three Kardashian sisters disfavor the little software program that airbrushes your body to perfection. Upset about the published retouched images in Ok Magazine of Kourtney’s post baby body, she tells Life&Style, “I’m not in a rush to lose the baby weight”. Known for fabulous swimsuit body, Kourtney Kardashian is now not afraid to say she is a curvy human being like the rest of the women in the world! And we applaud her for that.

Recommended when she loses baby weight: Vix Bardot Bikini

Moms who are just coming out of pregnancy often like to choose a monokini because it is sexy swimsuit that also covers stretch marks, the belly button, or lingering baby fat. We love monokinis and think she’d look amazing in the Mondrian Monokini by Despi (below). But if Kourtney gets to lose all her baby weight and go back to her pre-baby days, we recommend a string bikini with a little bit of edge, which is what Kardashians do best. Since her sisters Kim and Khloe love Vix swimsuits, our top pick for her would be the new Bardot Ruffled Bikini by Vix Swimwear. This leopard print bikini features soft flowy ruffles in the top and a string bottom to adjust your waistline coverage. The understated elegance is illustrated with the gold ring detail at bust.

Recommended now: Mondrian Monokini by Despi

We’re cheering for you Kourt. Thanks for telling girls that celebrity bodies are not made of elastic! We’re sure you’ll be back to your hot bod in due time.


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