Kristen Stewart at the MTV Movie Awards

Kristin Stewart shined like a sparkly gem at the MTV Movie Awards last night in a fashionable Dolce & Gabanna number. To us, this fabulous metallic brocade dress symbolizes the staying power of sparkle-metallic-beaded styles. This trend transfers flawlessly to swimsuits as well as jewelry. As a swimwear blog we are true believers that accessorizing your beach outfit goes hand in hand with completing your look.

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To mirror Kristin’s look, opt for a silver and black filigree jewelry like the Leblon Black Necklace by Lolindo. This gorgeous number goes with everything from a dress to a black bikini and is the perfect accessory for a trendy outfit. Metallic sequins in silver and gold show no sign of leaving the fashion arena. Check out more of our fashion jewelry to complement your beachwear.


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