Lady Gaga Surfs in LBB

She’s known for her outrageous fashion choices on stage, on the runway, and in her “real life,” but Lady Gaga has bouts of normalcy sometimes. A woman who’s no stranger to wearing body suits inspired by one-piece swimsuits out ON THE STREET, we are all shocked to see Gaga out of her egg and surfing in a simple and chic black bikini.

Lady Gaga was photographed taking surfing lessons in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a few days before she is scheduled to open for the MTV VMA’s – perhaps she is preparing for the multi-million dollar mansion she’s building in Chappaquiddick, an island off of Matha’s Vineyard.

Gaga’s sexy little black bikini, LBB as we like to call them, is a staple piece for every woman’s wardrobe – just like LBD’s (little black dress). Each year designers innovate the LBB and this year is no exception! Gaga’s swimsuit looks very similar to the new L*SPACE Swimwear we’re obsessing over, the Chic Nouveau Black Bikini. This LBB is fresh off the L*SPACE’s 2012 collection and features sliding gold hardware details on the bikini’s top and bottom.

The Chic Nouveau Black Bikini has a classic triangle top, a popular style since it flatters every woman’s bust. This particular top features double straps, providing added support, as well as removable padding. This LBB’s features a moderate coverage bottom with adjustable open side detailing at the hips to flatter any woman’s curves.

Let’s face it, few people can wear a meat dress and pull it off like Gaga can, and when it comes to little black bikinis, she’s a grade A egg as well! Lesson: even outrageous fashion lovers know that a little black bikini is a must-have in every wardrobe.


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