Guys, Ultra Music Festival is starting TODAY! Right in our backyard. And by now I’m sure you’ve seen our kickass blog on Festival Fashion, so we’re here to follow up with a few quick last-minute accessories you can pair for the ultimate festival outfit. Take a look.


Metallic Temporary Tattoos


These are our BRAND NEW metallic temporary tattoos that are perfefct for any celebratory occasion. Can you imagine rockin’ the Illia at Ultra Music Festival? It’s the perfect set of tattoos for the occasion. So many neon colors, plus the metallic shine, you’ll be sure to stand out amongst the crowd. Or if you’re looking for a more boho-chic vibe then check out the Desert Dweller, which is the perfect Cali-cool accessory.


Orchid Label Bikini Tops


The Orchid Label Sienna tops are such a hit for the bikini season, but why not use these beautiful crop tops for a festival fashion fix? You can pair these bad boys with some jean shorts and have the perfect festival look. The great thing about these tops is that after the festival is over, you can head straight to the beach and dive in! Versatility at its finest. Shop the Sienna tops from Orchid Label today and get major discounts from your favorite summer brand.


Maaji Beach Turbans


Beach turbans? Yes. Turbans is general for festival fashion? OH YES. These turbans are oh-so-cute and give off an ultra chic beach-babe look. We all love Maaji Swimwear fabrics and prints, so why not rock maaji beach turbans on your noggin’. These three uber cool colors have been a huge accessory hit this season for swimwear, so it’s time to jazz up your festival outfit instead.


Laundry Room Tees



If you’re looking for a fresh, new crop top tee to show off this Ultra Fest, look no further. Amp up your style game with these Laundry Room faves. A heavy hitter this season has already been the Model Off Duty T-shirt. Why not spice up your fashion fix with a few of these cheeky tanks? Pair these with some shorts, or some jean overalls and you’ve got the perfect festival outfit.

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