Last Minute Halloween Costumes to Wow the Crowd

Listen up, ladies! Halloween is right around the corner and we know that sometimes the idea of putting together a costume is draining. Costumes are flying off the shelf and the last thing you want to do is show up to a party and see eight girls wearing the same thing as you and leave any originality at the door. It’s time to get creative! Let loose this year and come up with a resourceful idea that’ll knock everyone off their feet. Or for that matter, let us come up with a few ideas for you.

Problem solved.

Here is an easy way to combine two important elements of a Halloween costume, sexy appeal and style. Take a look at what we have come up with for some quick ideas to solve your costume woes.


Hot Devil

For the inner devil in us all, this Ondademar favorite is sure to turn heads this Halloween holiday. For when you’re in a crunch, this easy solution can be concocted with the basic from any party store. Pair the outfit with some black leggings, bright red lipstick, and heck, even a pair of horns and you just became sinfully sexy.



Super Sexy Cat

We all know the easier the better, so why not keep it simple with this Agua Bendita Swimwear showstopper? A fan favorite among women every Halloween, grab a pair of cat ears, a bow tie, and draw on some whiskers to complete the cat costume. If you wanted to go the extra mile, add some black garter stockings. Meow!



By now, all of us have probably sung aloud to “Hear Me Roar” by Katy Perry especially due to the number of times it played daily on the radio last year. But did you even consider using her sexy song and turning it into a Halloween costume? Well, here you go. 

Not a Katy Perry fan? Ditch the wig and become your very own Jane of the Jungle.


Your Inner Hippie

Flashback Friday, everyone. It’s time to revisit the 60’s in the hottest way possible. Think fringe, groovy prints and peace signs. Pairing these brand new resort wear pieces will transport you back to Woodstock in a heartbeat. Throw in a headband and a pair of colored glasses and become the object of affection for any decade.



Spring Breaker

You know this movie is going to hit cult classic very soon so why not partake in the festivities? Our exclusively designed Maylana Swimwear brand has a ton of gorgeous neon bikinis that you can mix and match to emulate any of the girl’s bikini style. Grab a few of your girlfriends and don’t forget the pink ski mask. Or you could always dye your hair. Complete the look with a 40 oz beer and some bad-ass attitudes and you’ll have it made!


Image result for spring breaker


Old T-Shirt Skeleton

DIY Halloween costumes are all the rage this year, and we have come up with the perfect solution. This Cut-out skull t-shirt over any one of our badass Bandeau Bikinis would be hot and heavy for Halloween. All you would need is a black long sleeve shirt and some scissors and you can slice away.

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Surfer Girl

This costume idea is quick and clever. The Maylana's Sam Ipanema features a beautiful floral multi-print design that hints at Hawaii. Pair with some boho chic accessories, a nice pink flower behind the ear, and a nice spray tan and you’ll be set! To top the outfit off if you want to go the extra mile, construct a small surfboard out of cardboard and spray paint it white with blue stripes. The best part about this quick costume is you can wear your shades all night long.


Any other quick costume ideas? Drop us a line and let us know!

Ana Lopez

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