Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Miami dwellers know the city is notorious for their annual Halloween celebrations. The city’s year round summer allows for a wide variety of sexy costumes. It’s one of the reasons I think my city is the best city.. I am notorious for planning my costume for the last minute, and I know I have some procrastinating-sisters out there! I did some serious searching and selected a few pieces that I think would make a fabulously sexy costume.

The Sahara Dream Bitsy designed by L*Space Swimwear is perfect for a sexy Native American look. I can already imagine getting the accessories for this look. Just add boots and some feathers and you’re ready for a night on the town. Don’t forget to braid that hair of yours!

This next costume option makes me want to yell, “Ahoy Mates!” Get checked out in this Agua Bendita sailor inspired two piece bikini, the Bendito Nautico. This slice of hottness can be perfectly paired with a sailor hat (and perhaps a sailor coat). Add some fire red lipstick for a sexy pop of color.

I feel like a 60s inspired costume is a total Halloween staple. Why not make that go-to costume a sexy one by wearing the Groovy Baby bandeau bikini!? Luli Fama knew what they were doing with this style. It has the psychedelic color scheme to literally make you turn back time. All you need is those white patent leather go-go boots. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll find your very own Austin Powers.

With Halloween celebrations approaching, time is really running out! Happy Haunting, ladies. (:

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