Let’s talk cover-ups — they keep you stylish… and warm

As we leave winter behind and look toward the hotter months ahead, beach cover-ups make the perfect accessory to any fashionista’s favorite swimsuit. And there’s no better way to transition into summer than with beach cover-ups that follow the hottest trends right now: the 

Lucky for you stylish ladies, we have some fabulous black-and-white finds right here at The Orchid Boutique that double as beach cover-ups for over swimwear and dresses to be paired with heels and worn on a night out! Whether you prefer a patterned dress or one that’s a little simpler, swimwear designers all over are featuring adorable black and white beach cover-ups to complement their collections. Donning a cover-up over your swimwear is a great way to show off your style, especially since they come in all cuts, shapes, prints and colors. But we love the idea of putting the black and white trend to use in a beach cover-up!




The Black and white cover-ups collection that Touché prepared for this summer is unbelievable. It has a soft and flowy, but very resistant fabric that comes with some ruffles and long open finishes. 

The new MAYLANA resort collection has brought us flowy soft fabrics with fresh looking pareos, long beach dresses and short tunics that feature some spectacular bright colors. Also white laced embroidered pieces were launched this season for the ultimate classic cover-up.

It may start getting a little too hot to be around in real clothes! Choose the resort outfit you like the most by topping off your bathing suit with any of our stylish black and white or beautifully colored beach cover-ups. They’ll keep you on trend and maybe a bit fresher too!

Daniela Ortega

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