Looking for Kids Swimwear? Here Some Golden Tips!

From classic one-piece swimsuits to ruffles and cut out details, the diversity of swimwear designed especially for children keeps surprising us every day. How to choose the right one? Whether if you’re new at parenting, or just want to join the fashion world side by side with your little one, here you’ll find some simple yet amazing tips to guide you through.


1. Materials matter… a lot


Before even thinking about the latest Instagram post of Kylie’s baby, we need to make functionality our main concern. When finding the right bathing suits for our kid is way more important to ensure comfort.  Let your little explorer have the freedom to jump, play and enjoy in the water. We all know fun is the first choice for them, just as much as efficiency must be for us.



Breathable materials and elastic fabrics are good to go choice for kid’s bikinis. I mean, look how happy and comfy she looks with this two-piece swimsuit! Lightweight swimsuits like Birdie Top and Rayne bottom by Maylana Kids Swimwear are made with a combination of Polyester and Elastane; these soft materials are quite friendly with their delicate skin. In addition, the wide variety of bright colors is just perfect for that playful beach vibe.


2. Find the right fit


Not too loose, and definitely not too tight. Finding the right balance in between is the key for the perfect fit. Maybe for first-timers, it might seem a little bit challenging but is way easier than it seems. Just go always for the one who gives them some space to move and also to grow! Especially for toddler’s swimsuits, the piece has to allow them to crawl, stand effortlessly and, of course, look adorable as heaven.

Additionally, please take your time to pick up the appropriate coverage at rear for little girls and boys. As much as we’d like our kids to wear our exact same outfit, some cuts for adults, as brazilian or even cheeky might not be the most convenient for them. Accept it, is not for comfort we use this bottoms for. So, classic full coverage is the most suitable choice to sit on the sand and spent hours building castles.



Ipanema Birdie top and Rayne bottom are a cute pair of comfortable pieces. Kelly One Piece also features appropriate coverage for girls. Besides, the tropical print with hot pink accents will make your kiddies stand out in the crowd. 


3. Under the sun, protection equals fun


Nowadays talking about sun protection is not a joke. Every effort is worth to keep the sunburns away from our favorite bikini models. That’s why rashguards are on the rage the last seasons, and not only for children swimsuits but for adults too! This sporty swim pieces provide long sleeves and a well-thought design that combines fashion with safety.

Don’t rely entirely on sun creams. They can be harmful to sensitive skins, and honestly very hard to put on a beautiful little monster that's trying to get in the water as fast as possible.




Rashguards as Kelly one-piece featuring Nakuru Print by Maylana Swimwear are perfect to have some protected fun under the sun. Besides, this piece includes girly frills just too cute to be true. Remember to add protective accessories, like a hat and sunglasses to complete the perfect combo.


4. Add fashion without compromising comfort


Some stylish features as modern asymmetric cuts, ruffles, and lace details seem just too charming to dismiss. However, (I won’t ever get tired to restate this) comfort is our priority.

But hey, don’t give up just yet fashion lover mom! It is possible to have both style and coziness!  And if the last few pics were not enough evidence, take a second to see the Shana Sierra kid’s one piece by Maylana Swimwear.




This is a monokini variation for kids. The swimwear piece includes cut out details, open back, and girly frills. In addition, this item features appropriate coverage, soft fabric and a delightful print in pastel hues.

The beaded details and pointy charms might not be quite adequate for baby bathing suits. Nevertheless, your baby can shine with style. The secret formula relies on a wide variety of prints going from classic navy stripes to beautiful florals and tropical patterns. As soon as is enjoyable and protective, the sky is the limit.


5. Twinning for the win!


Matching swimsuits with your family! It's possible, it's trendy, and it's so cool it had to be the last piece of advice on this blog. In our online store, you'll find numerous options for matching one-pieces, two pieces, and trunks for everyone at home. The key to choose the right matching outfit is to make sure the fabrics are suitable for both adults and children, not only in composition, but also the print style.

Make sure to follow the previous tips and after you find that cozy, perfect swimsuit your kiddo will love, pick up something for yourself! Daddy can also join the team with matching swim trunks.

It can be the exact same model like Sam and Kelly Rashguards featuring Ipanema Print. These certainly make impossible not to want twin swimsuits!. Even better!  they are available in quite amazing tropical prints.  




Swimsuits can also be matched with different silhouettes featuring the same print. As the bikinis you can see in this pic featuring the new Heliconia Stripes print by Maylana Swimwear. We have a severe case of matching fever and finding a cure is not on our plans! 



To summarize this quick guide, just consider the main points to choose a bathing suit: materials, comfort, safety, and style. You got it covered! Now just relax and go spend some quality time with your babies. Don't forget to let them know you love them to the beach and back!

Ethel Gomez

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