Love Your Body! <3

With it being bikini season and all, sometimes heading to the beach can get a bit depressing. Maybe this winter you decided to do curl-ups with a burrito instead of curl-ups at the gym; or this spring you opted out of a weekend jog with a friend to catch up on all your DVR’d shows. Who knows, we all have our own personal reasons (*ahem* excuses). And I’m not a doctor so I don’t know what’s healthiest for you. But there are parts of our body that I am sure we all love. There’s that one ligament or section on us that we absolutely feel the need to flaunt. And we love seeing happy, confident women wearing their swimsuits proudly.

Every swimsuit is unique in how it showcases specific parts of your body. Some accentuate your breasts, while others help lift your bum. Well, we’ve gathered a list of a few styles that may help to highlight your favorite part of you.

If you love your rear:

Opt for something with cinching in the back and has the “flutter” affect along the edges. These swimsuits are super flattering and will definitely make the fellas do a double take (watch out Kim Kardashian!).

1. Madrid Ripple Bikini by Vix Swimwear 2Coral Pina Bikini by Salinas Swimwear 3Amber Brazilian Cut Bikini by Sofia by Vix

Hello girls:

For all of you perfectly stacked women, I hate you. But if you don’t care how I feel and are looking to show off the girls, these swimsuits are the perfect choice.

1. Rocker Girl Bikini by Sabz Luxury 2. Jeanius Halter Bikini by True Religion 3Sea Serpent Monokini by OndadeMar Swimwear

Toned and tanned legs:

If you’re one of the girls doing squats, lunges and you are the least bit athletic, you probably love your legs. If your legs are toned and fit, try one of these swimsuits that are sure to emphasize all the hard work you put in the gym.

1. Adventure Two-Piece by Paradizia Swimwear 2Iluminada Tunic by Maui Swimwear  3Malibu Virna Bikini by Despi Swimwear

Six-pack ladies:

Now for all you women who live and die by Pilates, Yoga and the ab cruncher, your stomach is probably phenomenal. And of course you want to show that off right? Great stomachs come a dime a dozen so be proud! Here are some options you can consider when trying to show off your favorite asset.

1. Bendito Peacock by Agua Bendita Swimwear 2Pink Poison by Maaji Swimwear 3Swanky Red Monokini by L*Space Swimwear

So go ahead ladies, love your body! If there’s a part of yourself you are proud of, don’t be afraid to show it off. Maybe it’ll give others the motivation to step their game up!


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