The first delivery of 2013 Maaji Swimwear has arrived and I feel like I’m in reversible bikini heaven. The patterns and prints are even more adorable than last year, if that’s possible! They’ve left the animal-inspired theme behind and embraced floral and paisley prints.

We have also added some Maaji Apparel, including the Friday Bash pants. These opaque pants are flowy and feminine and I need them for my next beach visit. The fit is impeccable, starting off loose and becoming more tight at the ankles.

Even though beach apparel excites me, swimwear will probably always be the thing that makes me want to run through streets in enthusiasm. Maaji has made me realize my love for sea blues because all of my favorite swimsuits have a touch of blue in it. The Blueberry Lemonade is my numero uno because I just can’t get over the silhouette. This top is definitely constructed to give you a subtle push up, something we are all secretly looking for!

Lacey Cats is THE monokini swimsuit to dream about, again with pops of blue that hypnotize me. Of course I can’t get enough of the side cut outs – super sexy. The lace print on the bandeau top is just an amazing plus. Only Maaji Swimwear could mix three different prints and make it look this good!

The Santorini Love is my final blue-loving choice, as well as Maaji’s first fringe bikini. I’m happy to see them style the fringe detail along the torso, instead of along the top like we’ve been seeing in other collections.

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