Teal Mirage bikini by Maaji Swimwear
2011 Sneak Peak: Teal Mirage by Maaji

Damsels in distress, move over! The new 2011 Maaji swimwear collection (debuting this November), “Flying Tales”, is for powerful princess-types to save themselves from the dragon and win their true love’s heart. It’s a sexy line of womens swimwear that calls back to your childhood fantasies, so that you can wear a swimsuit that reminds you of exactly what you had wanted to be when you grew up. The combination of little-girl’s dream with adult swimsuit packs that real “WOW” factor that Maaji is known for, with their mix-matched patterns and vintage appeal.

Bow Wow Bikini by Maaji Swimwear
Bow Wow Bikini by Maaji

With names like Whimsical Sky, Mythicaleidoscope, and Mighty Wings, you’ll feel like a true super-girl in one of these suits. But best of all are the many little details that are characteristic of Maaji’s luxury swimsuits: colorful buttons, bows, ruffles, criss-cross fabrics, and keyholes details can all be found in this fantastical new collection.

And just like superheriones have secret identities, so do these suits: all Maaji swimsuits are reversible, meaning they hold a secret alternate suit pattern on the inside! This print or pattern on the inside of the suit changes with each batch of the suit that Maaji produces, so each individual suit’s alter ego is revealed only when you receive it and see!

Peach Lucky Hit bikini by Maaji Swimwear
Peach Lucky Hit bikini by Maaji

So show the world that you dream big with the Maaji “Flying Tales” collection, available this fall from The Orchid Boutique! In the meantime, check out the mega Maaji sale going on right now!


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