Maaji Swimwear 2017 collection: Sunny Dream Inn

Every brand has a different story to tell. This year, Maaji Swimwear is no exception. It tells story inspired in a magical surreal world.

The collection is breathtakingly amazing, along with new stunning fabrics featuring all kinds of prints. They can go from fruits and leaves, to whimsical prints we’ve never seen before and I seriously want them all!

A Maaji swimsuit can be spotted a mile away. Not for the faint of heart, Maaji’s 2017 stays with the trend: Playful themes, bright colors, and a mixture of prints you didn’t even know they could match but they actually do.

Here are our top 5 favorite trends from the 2017 Maaji collection:

Bralette Tops

To bra or not to bra? Hmm that’s a hard question. This lingerie-like style top is currently my new obsession. With its deconstructed, unpadded style, a bralette bikini top takes chic to a new level. This new trend is a great option for those who want to stay comfy in a day by the beach. This top style can be seen not only in swimwear, but in cute outfits for any occasion.

Also, we have seen before Maaji swimsuits drawing attention to macramé backs and this new collection brings this fabulous eye-catching handcraft piece back once again.

Caged Monokinis

The caged trend was all the rage last year, and it shows no signs of sizzling out any time soon.

Caged Monokinis are becoming really popular and seriously they will make you look hotter than you think. There’s no need to worry about hiding those problem areas that make us feel uncomfortable sometimes, and also, they enhance your silhouette effortless.

Details are what make the swimsuit and Maaji knows it best. Suits featuring caged details at sides and criss cross strapping at front along with colorful prints are what give life to this charming pieces. Plus, they are all reversible, so you just get 2 different looks by the price of one!

High Neck Tops

Swimwear industry is becoming more versatile every time a new season comes in. I remember the time when bikinis had only like 1 or 2 styles so you didn’t have much to look at. But now, you just can’t decide what to buy and I think there’s not enough time to try on all the styles the swimwear market has to offer.

High neck swimsuit tops are definitely a must have and you just can’t resist to have one of those in your wardrobe. There are some girls that don’t feel like wearing a high neck just because they don’t want those huge tan lines, but who cares? Tanning can wait!


Crop Tops

The thing about bikini crop tops is, you can switch up your style from beach to street just by adding a high waisted short to your summer outfit.  There are so many ways to style your crop top, you just need a little bit of imagination and a cute taste.

Whether it’s ruffled or zipper style crop tops, you can take your pick in this year’s Maajii collection.


Underwire Tops

Maaji’s original silhouette before it become a household name was the underwire swimsuit top done right. With comfy cups and not-so-bulky pads, the brand was able to create underwire styles that have a whimsicaly, modern feel.  I think underwire tops + removable pads are the perfect combo for those with small breast that want to make them look a little bit bigger

Jaime Olaya

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