Macrame: the handcrafted “it” trend


Don’t be scared or feel out of date if you don’t recognize the name MACRAME, it’s a new trend. Macrame bikinis will be one of the hottest trends during this coming swim season. I’m here to snitch some of the cool stuff that this trend brings to you. Do you see that woven knots on the back of the model? Well, that’s macramé, and I can tell you it takes a very well trained artist to come up with such beauty. Why is this an art my friends? It goes down to the fact that this back is ALL HAND MADE, you read that right its HAND MADE. The process of doing this takes hours each knot is done one by one. This guarantees that you will be getting a quality item which wont get damaged or fade over time. The fact that the swimsuit involves MACRAME ensures you that you are not going to be seeing another girl waving around the beach with your same swimsuit, you will be wearing a unique piece. There won’t be another 100 bikinis just like yours, so don’t worry, the possibility that your vacation in Cancun is spoiled by a girl with your same swimsuit is minimal – no one wants to be the girl wearing the same dress.

Well how about if we talk now about the different types of swimwear where you will find MACRAME, let’s say this can be found in one pieces, sexy tops and high waist bottoms. In other words you can combine a MACRAME top with a normal bikini bottom or actually invert it or just go with a macramé one piece swimsuit.  That being said let’s take a look at my top 3 macramé swimsuits!

1. Maylana Jess Blue Stripes One Piece

This hot one piece bathing suit is one of my favorites, the MAYLANA Jess Blue Stripes, features the macramé linings on the side. The fabric is surprisingly comfortable but it’s just really amazing how the texture fits in your sidelines. The stripes pattern in this one piece combined with the blue macramé pattern makes YOU an eye catching item, which in my case is important.

2. Maylana Caterina Red Poppies Top

Maylana just launched this top in their 2018 collection and I love wearing it. The red floral print is marvelous. There are two things that I die for in this top. First it helps your breast look right up and the macramé pattern in your chest gives you a little extra cover, but at the same time you keep looking sexy and awesome.

3. Maylana Leif Black One Piece

Last but certainly not least is this beautiful black one piece made by Maylana, the reason this is in my top 3 I think is really self-explanatory. Look at the beautiful macramé design in the back, its so unique and delicate, I love it. And it doesn't only looks good it makes you look thinner. There's nothing like a black Swimsuit to look fierce and sexy.

Wrapping it all up, what I love the most of macrame is how it looks, the macramé feature leave some skin to be seen which makes the boys eyes look at you A LOT, making you feel equal to a hot bomb. On the other hand, MACRAME creates a whole beautiful pattern on you which will absolutely make you look like a SEXY ART FIGURE, no kidding but they may confuse you with Davinci’s mona lisa at the beach.

SO GIRLS be ready to go shopping for quality and unique products with MACRAME, believe me you won’t regret at all its sexy fit and being able to look like a total piece of work!


Jaime Olaya

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