Maaji swimsuits truly are designed and constructed in a magical way that gives each fanciful garment an incredibly comfortable and enchanting fit. With expert design and manufacturing, seamless construction lies perfectly against your skin preventing any digging. Uniquely flattering and fascinating, this technique gives just the right amount of support without leaving marks or indentations in the skin. As we’re sure you already know, all Maaji swimsuits are reversible and provides the same seamless design either way you wear it, providing endless amounts of possibilities.

With a wide selection of designs Maaji provides bandeau style suits, triangle style suits, and underwire suits. Some select Maaji swimsuits also come with padding. This year there are 5 styles made Exclusively for The Orchid Boutique and only available for purchase here. Select Maaji styles are sold as separates; all others are sold as one-size sets. When your Maaji swimsuit arrives we know you will you elated to try it on and show it off, but accompanying your suit will be an adorable Maaji bag made of recycled materials to continue their Planting an Ocean of Trees eco-friendly campaign efforts.

Maaji swimwear broke onto the scene in 2002 with whimsical, luxury swimwear. This Colombian based company offers swimwear and accessories of excellent quality, design and high technology. It’s obvious that for Maaji, the design is in the details and each suit features unique ones at that. Unconventional and extremely flattering designs combined with inspired creativity produce an irresistible line of swimwear. We like to think the best part about purchasing a Maaji swimsuit is that it’s completely reversible, so you get two suits for the price of one…but this year it’s all about the Planting an Ocean of Trees campaign, an eco-friendly initiative dedicated to planting one tree for every Underwater Conquest swimsuit sold.

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