Monica Wise, the designer of L*Space Swimwear, has broadened her horizons to reach a whole new audience of fabulous women. Her newest line, MAIO Swim (pronounced my-oh), is catered towards the sophisticated woman who is a little bit older than the everyday L*Space girl, but is still very interested in being trendy. Just because we are all climbing up the age ladder, doesn’t mean we have to leave our style behind!

Recently, one of MAIO’s textured teal ‘mid-kini’s’ were featured in InStyle Magazine’s December 2012 issue. [Friendly FYI: a mid-kini is a high-waisted two piece, referring to the bottom’s placement in the middle of your waist line.] InStyle considered the 50s-inspired two piece to be the perfect choice for a “hot and cool escape.” Sounds exotic… This is a really big deal for MAIO since that particular piece of high-waisted awesomeness won’t be debuting until late December, meaning InStyle knows what’s up! I love the fact that the bottom is high-waisted, but actually provides moderate instead of full coverage at the rear. We don’t have to cover everything ;). The next hotness factor: the underwire bandeau top. That baby will support you while pushing up the girls like nobody’s business.

Look out for this MAIO style (the Tribal Teal Midkini) to hit our internet shelves at the end of December. Until then, check out in-stock MAIO style’s now!


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