While everyone else at the beach blends in with the crown in their simple, single color bikinis- Maui girls stand out. These bright, beaded bikinis are nothing to be shy about. They are a work of art, just as the fab girl who wears them- so flaunt it!

By embracing color and mixing sequins and prints, you end up with a totally unique bikini that was literally hand-made just for you.

The photo above displays three extremely unique triangle bikinis from Maui. First, is the Blue Limitless one piece, a hot-seller that made it’s way back on to our website with a little change from pink to blue! Second is the Magnolia bikini. And while the colorful flowers are a huge impact on this bikini, the detailed beading throughout just takes it to the next level. Last, is The Dreamers bikini, with gorgeous embroidery and a tie-dye inspired theme, this bathing suit leaves no color left behind!

If you’re still wanting unique, but in need of a more toned-down color palate, Maui still doesn’t let you down. With a gorgeous array of swimsuits that have seamless variations of single colors, like red or pink- you still get to stand out, but just in your own way!

The above photo shows Maui’s spectrum of red bikinis. First in the Some Kind of Wonderful bikini, with red ruffles, orange lining, and tons of sexy sequins, this seemingly monotone bikini is way more than expected. Second is The Young Victoria bikini. With reds and browns, and a little pop of yellow and green, this understated bikini picks it up with a jaw-dropped silhouette and die-cut edges. Last is the Dirty Dancing balconet bikini. With hues of red, orange, and yellow, and pops of silver, there is nothing bland about this string bikini!


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