Ever feel like escaping somewhere tropical, with beaches of white sand and clear ocean water? You can do what I did, and move to Miami. But as a less drastic measure, you can check out our exclusive brand, Maui Swimwear. To me, Maui embodies everything tropical. The patterns and colors on their swimsuits are vibrant, and the one-of-a-kind detailing (think beading, embroidery, and sequins) give their pieces an extra special feel. But this, you already know.

What you may not know about Maui is that they carry a gorgeous array of clothing and accessories, adding just the right touch to your beachwear wardrobe. Their selection of tunics, rompers, dresses, and hangbags have the same level of detail and tropical feel that fans of their swimwear go crazy over. And, lucky for you, these items are exclusively available at The Orchid Boutique!

Check out their Sunset Boulevard Tunic Cover Up. The pattern is gorgeous and unique, and I love how the colors appear to pop out at you. It looks almost like a watercolor painting. There is also amazing beading detail along the neckline…I’m totally in awe at the level of detail that goes into these pieces. This coming from someone scared to buy anything with beading because I’ve had one too many disappointing experiences with $5 shirts from Forever 21. But right now, we are talking quality stuff. I also love how this tunic is long-sleeved. You know the days when one moment, it’s blistering hot on the beach, and the next, it’s dusk and you’re kind of chilly? This tunic has you covered (literally).

I’m also a fan of their Enchanted Dress. I’m definitely a dress girl, because dresses look so cute and are, at the very same time, the easiest thing you can possibly wear (am I right?). This dress hits the mark with its ADORABLE seashell design. Yet it’s also super comfy with its ruched band at the top to stay put in all its strapless glory, and a drawstring at the waist for a perfect fit. Also loving the yellow detail at the edges. This dress can turn a day at the beach into a date night in a snap.

Maui’s beach bags? Two words: Incredible prints. Take a look at their Spanglish Beach Bag. This bag erases any thoughts of “what print to choose?”, because there’s a little floral print, a little ethnic print…something for everyone. It’s the perfect size for toting around all your beach necessities. Their Melancholia Beach Bag is also super cute. This bag also has mixed prints, and the strap is in a braid. Love braid detail! There’s also cute fringe detail in bright colors.

Their Prestige Beach Bag is another work of art. I think this bag showcases what Maui is about: unique design, bright colors and fun patterns. I love how the strap has “under crossing” detail…way to one-up the braid strap. And the fabric is placed such that it’s in tiny squares sewn on only at one side…it almost makes the bag looks like it’s covered in confetti! Makes me think of some kind of tropical festival.

So remember: Maui is much more than just hot swimsuits! Check out The Orchid Boutique for all things Maui.

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