Women love to shop, but when choosing swimwear, who are we shopping for? A survey in Marie Claire magazine that took into account the opinions of 100 randomly selected men show that the fashion swimwear we love may be different than what men prefer on women.

Basically, the survey reported that the majority of men like classic swimsuits on women, including moderate coverage bikinis and one piece bathing suits. Maybe they have a point. These suits are flattering on any body type and come in amazing designs.  Perhaps suits like Goddess Indigo One Piece by Seafolly or Neo Bandeau Bikini by L*Space would be the surprise winner of your boyfriend’s beach fantasies.

Luckily, being the modern women that we are, we often enjoy dressing for ourselves and embrace the fashions that most of the guys surveyed didn’t quite get: monokinis and high fashion bikinis covered in beads, gold hardware, and other luxury detailing. There is plenty of this type of eye candy at the Orchid Boutique. Sexy monokinis and beaded pieces can satisfy all of our glamorous swimwear fantasies. The Kiss A Girl Monikini by Beach Bunny or the beaded Bendito Dance Hall bikini by Agua Bendito are a couple examples.

There are styles available at The Orchid Boutique no matter who you are dressing up for, whether it be for a day at the beach with friends, or a romantic tropical getaway with your other half.


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