From all of us at The Orchid Boutique, we wish you a Merry Christmas and hope your day is filled with nothing but joy with family and friends. We also hope you get some wonderful gifts under that tree and in that stocking you were hoping for. We all know it happens, you receive those generic gifts that may be cheap or expensive, but it’s obvious no thought was put into the giving of that gift because it just wasn’t personal. And while we know, Christmas is about cherishing time and making lasting memories with family, but there’s also some disappointment on Christmas day if you don’t receive what you had hoped Santa would bring. To lighten the mood and have a little giggle we have compiled a list of the top worst Christmas gifts.

Anything that was a free sample. Yes, we said it… and it’s true. Believe it or not some people actually give samples they’ve received for free throughout the year as a Christmas gift come December. Talk about tacky, impersonal, and cheap. A home-made card or handwritten, well-thought note is much better.

Large amounts of souvenirs. Souvenirs are great gifts for friends and family when you return from a trip, or if the person loves a particular location, or if it’s a joke gift…but for Christmas try to avoid gifting outrageously unnecessary or large amounts of souvenirs. We’d prefer a postcard that doesn’t take up space and collect dust in the corner of our closet.

Re-gifting to the same person. If I purchased a well-thought out gift for you, please don’t re-gift it back to me, especially if it’s still wrapped in the same way I gave it to you or even worse…personalized! If you’re going to be brave and re-gift, be careful you don’t re-gift to anyone who knows the original sender.

Gifts that “hint” to something personal. This category includes deodorant, self-help books, subscriptions to dating websites, or hair removal products. Unless this is a joke gift, just don’t give it! Why embarrass someone in this way? If you think they have a problem and/or need some help, offer some advice…not a gift.

If you’ve received some of these bad gifts and you’re super bummed about it…never fear! The days following Christmas are the perfect time for you to buy yourself something you’ve been wanting but perhaps were waiting to see if you received it as a gift. Didn’t receive that Agua Bendita you’ve been drooling over…even after you’ve had it as your desktop on your computer for half of the month of December? No worries, buy it for yourself now! Or maybe someone gifted you a fabulous vacation to the Caribbean…you know what you’ll need: a little bit of lovely L*Space swimwear to accompany you.


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