Stop what you’re doing and imagine yourself taking a huge bite out of a moist, fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate peanut butter cup cookie. The peanut butter cup chunks are warm, but not gooey, but the chocolate chips inside are melted and smooth, with just the right sweetness. You can taste the peanut butter, rich and decadent. You do not want this bite to end. You do not want to finish this cookie. But then you realize you have a mint double chocolate cookie waiting for you, and start the whole experience all over again.

Two weeks ago the team at Orchid Boutique decided to dive into the local cookie world and check out new Miami hot spot Insomnia Cookies. Now the name alone is perfection, because this cookie shop is not just open all day, but also open until the wee hours of the morning, 3am to be exact. So when you can’t sleep and scour your cabinets for a sweet treat to lull you into dreamland, we have found your fix. And guess what the kicker is? THEY DELIVER. That’s right, you can get fresh baked cookies in a box, delivered to you until 3am. Sounds too good to be true, right?


So this is how it all went down. We bought a box of 12. 12 cookies of our choosing. THEN we doubled up on a few flavors….Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, Sugar, White Chocolate Macadamia, M&Ms, and Double Chocolate Mint. We also got a few deluxe: Triple Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, and S’mores. These cookies are bigger, with better toppings, so they aren’t offered in the sample pack. Yet, it was Thursday, so we decided to splurge.

From the outside, Insomnia Cookies is just a small shop front located on 12th and Washington. Upon walking up, I was greeted by an already open door which I attributed to cookie friendliness, but later discovered it was due to a troublesome stove and fairly high temperatures. With the oven troubles, the cookie shop which normally opens at 11am, was behind schedule. Luckily for me, the manager on duty was Antonio, and although he could’ve shunned me away, instead he welcomed me warmly and offered me to sample the ice cream flavors they carry while I waited for the first rounds of cookies to be done.


Pros and Cons

Pro: Antonio the manager is probably one of the friendliest human beings in Miami. His overall demeanor and willingness to keep me entertained while the cookies were baking made me feel like I was sitting at a friend’s house waiting to taste his latest baking venture. Antonio explained all the flavors and talked about the history of the company.

Pro: The cookies are absolutely delicious. We ate them warm. Literally, fresh out of the oven and into our mouths. Well, into a box which stayed warm for the trip to our office, then into our mouths. We all cut each cookie up like a pizza and shared each flavor. The general consensus: GET THE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE MINT.

Pro: Just the whole delivery option is pretty darn cool. Granted, it’s local so unless you’re on the beach, you have to make a drive. But delivering cookies is just fabulous in itself.

Pro: The place smells like baking cookies all day. All damn day.

Con: The inside of the place wasn’t too appealing to the eye. It looked like an old Friendly’s restaurant was given a $100 makeover. I’m sure it doesn’t help that cookies attract children, and children have sticky fingers that they willingly smear across glass any chance they get.

Con:  I don’t even know if you can consider this a con, because ice cream is ice cream, but I somewhat expected their array of ice creams to be homemade. Maybe I’m just a New Jersey ice cream snob who is used to homemade flavors in mom-and-pop shops, but this ice cream (which PRO you can make into a cookiewich) is from Blue Bell. So you can really buy the cookies and if you have a tub that you snagged from Publix, you can recreate the cookiewich in the comfort of your own home.

Overall, we give Insomnia Cookies 3 out of 5 orchids and will definitely eat their cookies again. Probably sometime after swimsuit season is over.



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