Miami Swim Show 2015

2015 Miami Swim Show

We’re so excited to be attending the 2015 Miami Swim Show to get the ultimate sneak peek of all the 2015 swimwear collections being released next year. It really is such an honor to be able to view the upcoming styles and trends, even before they hit the runway this week. As part of the Mercedes Benz Fashion bonanza we’ve been talking about, the Miami Swim Show is a whole different ballgame. Held at the Miami Convention center, the Swim Show brings together the world’s top designers to showcase their new collections. But, it also brings together new designers and brands that are trying to break into the biz. This can’t-miss show offers exclusive access to the latest trends in 2015 swimwear and lingerie, stunning sights and events, and a true celebration of the simple luxury of swimwear!

This show is going to be the greatest opportunity for us to bring you hints regarding the hottest trends to be happening next year. But, we have a few hints that we can give now, just to get you prepared. I’m sure you’ve heard us talking about caged bikinis before, and for good reason. We think this trend is going to be HUGE. It made a splash this year with a few brands, but by the overflow of excitement around this trend, caged bikinis will definitely be a hot commodity in 2015 swimwear. Just check out the Beach Bunny Swimwear collection for the most colorful caged bikinis around.

We’re so excited for the Miami Swim Show to give us an opportunity to peruse some of our favorite brands. I mean, if you had the opportunity to browse the 2015 Maaji Swimwear collection before being released, wouldn’t you?

And what about 2015 Mar de Rosas Swimwear? This brand is known for its innovative and creative designs that emphasize feminine beauty through the use of unique textures, hand-beading, vibrant colors, and ultra-lush fabrics that provide comfort and confidence to all women. Hand-beading. That’s all you need to say.

The 2015 Miami Swim Show is the ultimate place to be this weekend. We know our team will be in attendance, will you?

Remember to keep tuned in to our blog as we will be reporting LIVE from all the events and happenings in Miami this weekend. Happy Miami Fashion Week everyone!


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