As you can tell, we’ve been dutifully rolling out our 2015 designer collections of women’s swimwear slowly but surely. We’ve brought you some kickass collections from some of your favorites and have already seen an influx of orders placed for these 2015 items. So kudos! Way to stay on top of the trends.

We’re ready to unleash another bikini beast on your today in the form of one of our exclusive brands. What does exclusive mean? It means we are stuck together like PB&J and nobody else can take that away. Orchid Boutique + Milonga Swimwear is a bond never to be broken. So basically, you can’t shop this style anywhere else. ANYWHERE. That’s some crazy swimwear romance, right? You’ll never have that issue of running into the same swimsuit again.

So let’s breakdown some back story on the brand so you can get your feet wet before diving right into the collection.

Milonga was founded in 2008 as a Colombian swimwear company dedicated to luxury swimsuits, cover ups, beach accessories, pajamas, and undergarments for ultra chic women who never compromise style for comfort on the sand or on the streets. In the conception and design of the brand, the Milonga woman is known for being sophisticated, casual and unique.

This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill swimwear. Milonga swimwear is inspired by boho prints, colorful geometric patterns, and sexy-chic silhouettes. Think “Hippie Chic” style for the girl ready to take a dip.

Although it is a relatively new swimwear brand, Milonga swimwear is characterized for dressing women that do not want to go by unnoticed in their everyday life, especially when they are relaxing by the beach or catching rays by the pool. It’s playful concepts, colors, and designs have made Milonga a highly buzzed-about brand in the world of swimwear.

Milonga only uses carefully chosen, high quality materials and high technology that brings softness and perfect finishing to every hand-crafted swimsuit. Many of these swimsuits also feature intricate, hand-beaded detailing, fun floral and animal prints, and ultra sexy-chic cuts that give all Milonga swimwear 2015 styles a unique flare that cannot be recreated.

Sounds too good to be true, am I right? Check out some of their latest products below and feast your eyes on bikini brilliance.


The best part about the 2015 Milonga Swimwear collection is their willingness to give their followers what they want. Last year one of their most popular styles was their collection of underwire swimwear. People went crazy for their underwire top styles from the Kailu Bikini to the Kenya Underwire, these swimsuits flew off the shelves. So guess what Milonga did? They listened, and created EVEN BETTER underwire tops for their 2015 collections.

Another trend train Milonga jumped on, or maybe is even the conductor of, is their fantastic collection of colorful, aztec bandeau bikini tops. Bandeau tops play a huge part in their 2015 collection, primarily because when you have the underwire support as we mentioned above, you can turn any bikini into a bandeau. Milonga’s bandeaus however have a really cool feature because they add a criss-cross string overlay across the neck, which takes fashion up an extra notch.


The Palmare Kendall Bikini for example, has all the important things: bandeau, string overlay, and tropical aztec-y print.



HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS BIKINI TOP?! Answer: you can’t not, it’s inevitable.

Another heart-pumpingly cool part of the Milonga collection this year is their addition of some killer beach cover ups. So far it’s been four amazingly stylish tunics that you can easily slip over your bikini for a sand-to-street look. They are light, they are trendy, and they are fully functional as resortwear. What’s not to love about a brand that is a one-stop-shop of style?

Take a look at the remainder of the Milonga collection and let us know your favorites from their 2015 styles.



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