Mix & Match L*Space!

If you’re one of the girls who has a hard time finding the perfect top and bottom for your particular sizing, look no further! Sometimes it is difficult to purchase certain bikini’s because you may be larger up top and smaller on the bottom, or vice-versa. The best solution for this issue? Purchasing swimsuits that coms as separates. Brands such as L*Space allow swimwear buyers to find their perfect swimsuit for their specific sizing. And what’s even better is that L*Space designs their swimsuits identical in color and fabric. This allows wearers to mix and match multiple items, while having a variety of choices to choose from.

We’ve put together a small collage of some of our favorite L*Space swimsuits (along with some chic accessories) that can all be mixed and matched by sizes, colors, and styles for an assortment of options to have all summer!

1. Super Fly Bandeau Top 2. Dora Triangle Top 3. Chloe Orange Wrap 4.Twiggy Hipster Bottom 5. Dandy Multi Bottom 6. Rainbow Tagua Necklace 7. Danielle Coral Beach Tote 8. Oceania Earrings


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