Monokinis Must-Have Styles

I want to share with you pretty ladies my new personal discovery: Monokinis Swimwear. If you knew me you would know i’m like bikini obsessed. I believe swimsuits are empowering garments to women all around the world because they are fun, daring, trendy and never enough. They truly symbolize the security and self love all women should have in themselves.

Monokinis are no exception! This beautiful ‘swim’ style is the embodiment of classy sexy fashion. Often confused with a one-piece, monokinis usually show more skin creating the illusion of a two-piece swimsuit from the back. There are like a zillion Monokinis styles right now so if your grandma rocked it in the 50’s you can definitely pull it off today!


1) The Macrame Monokini

Most people don’t know what Macrame is and I’m here to tell you it is a handcrafted luxurious style of knotting based on knot patterns that create a decorative array that is beautifully used in exclusive sophisticated swim styles. Macrame is often confused with crochet due to their obvious knotting similarity. However, crochet can be differentiated because it resembles normal fabric from afar, rather than knotting.

So if you want more coverage than a bikini yet less coverage than what a one-piece can offer, I got you covered with the incredibly sexy Jess Monokini by Maylana Swimwear. It is by far one of my favorite monokinis out there. Its distinctive high cut style is frequently worn by renowned celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Beyonce due to the amazing appearance of a curvier figure. On top of that, the stunning handmade macrame style on the sides provides an extra seductive and unique design to show off a little more skin without sharing too much!

Come on such an exclusive swimsuit is essential in every wardrobe! Get this and I can guarantee you, you will never feel sexier at the beach!


2) Shark Bite Monokini

If you are adventurous, bold and love to mix it up to become the life of the party, I have the perfect Monokini for you: Shark Bite Monokinis. Now, this is an exceptional style! Shark Bite Monokinis are distinctive due to their stylish cutout in the shape of a ‘U’ right on the torso area. It is fun, versatile and it offers a terrific look designed to stand out in the crowd!  

My favorite Shark bite Monokini is the beautifully cut monokini by Touché Swimwear. It basically screams HOTTIE all the way from the trendy one-shoulder design to the exquisite cut out on the side. Its stunning impression of a shark bite on the tummy area lets you expose all of your beautiful curves in a pretty unique way. It is simply one of a kind swimsuit that will always make you feel superb.


3) The Backless Monokini

Backless Monokinis are ageless. They date back to the 50’s when the fabulous Marilyn Monroe used to wear them all the time for photo shoots and are now forever captured in pictures that remind us that some styles simply never get old! This style of Monokinis feature a sexy open back design and can also provide a high waisted bottom that flatters all of our lovely tummies. Fun fact: They were originally designed to be topless. IMAGINE THAT!

Backless is the new black if you know what I mean. I’m an average size girl and I find backless monokini styles perfect for my body shape. It allows me to feel sexy and it helps me cover all of my insecurities. In a way it’s perfect to show just the right amount of skin while still rocking an elegant trendy bathing suit. One of my favorite Backless Monokini swimsuits is the sexy Ella Monokini by Maylana Swimwear. It pretty much has all of my preferred features in a bathing suit!!! It has a classy halter style that ties at the neck that fits gloriously, a majestic ethnic print design that’s to die for, a gorgeous high waisted bottom that covers my tummy perfectly and of course an outstanding open back that makes me feel like a runway model.


4) Laced-Sidings Monokinis

Laced-Siding Monokinis also referred to as Caged Monokinis is a fascinating new trend of bathing suit style that completely revolutionized the market. The laced-siding detail consists of strings and straps held together in various ways to form into a unique “caged design” either on the sides, right in the middle of the torso, under the top, over the bottom or on the back. It is truly an incredibly versatile design that offers women a variety of options to rock the cutout style without sharing too much. The best part of it all is that you can wear it with a pair of shorts and have the perfect outfit to hit the bar, pool party, festival or simply to walk with your beau alongside the beach. The possibilities are endless. Literally.

My top choice for this monokini style (if you are going for a fabulous á la mode kind of look) has to be the exclusive Sandy One Piece by Agua Bendita Swimwear. You will never go wrong with it, I can assure you that. It is simply an oh-la-la kind of Monokini that offers a sophisticated yet lively floral print design for an always exceptional look. It features a luxurious laced-siding detail that easily exhibits skin in the most sophisticated way. This laced-siding monokini is my summer dream this year because it simply radiates freshness and youth while making you look like a stylish bombshell at any time!

Ana Lopez


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    Loved the blog! I will def buy the Dani White Beige Monokini I think it will suit my figure so welllllllll. I’m ordering it tonight I’m so excited :)

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