When I think of a typical wedding, I think of a handsome-looking bride and groom getting married in someone’s backyard surrounded by a few close friends and family sporting delicate resortwear in a semi-casual setting… (or something like that anyway). But of course, when you’re a celebrity, why do that when you can spend millions of dollars on an over-the-top extravagant fiesta? So for your enjoyment, we’ve counted down the top eight craziest celebrity weddings of all time.

Here we go…!

8. Even though they didn’t pay for their own wedding, extravagance was certainly still part of the equation for Bachelorette couple Trista and Ryan Sutter. If 30,000 roses weren’t enough, why don’t we print Trista and Ryan’s face on some of them too (wow!)? Even Trista’s flower bouquet was decorated with Swarovski Crystals for this $4 million wedding.

7. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake took their ceremony all the way to Italy to shake things up a bit. This several day festivity included a welcoming stay in an expensive Italian resort with music, fireworks, dinner parties, and even bike rides for their guests. Did I mention the guests were flown over on private jets? Um, why wasn’t I invited?

6. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill Clinton,  married Marc Mezvinsky and reportedly spent $11,000 on the cake (a gluten-free cake, mind you!). For that kind of money, the cake better have been just as amazing as her beautiful dress They even went as far as to put in $15,000 worth of porcelain portable toilets that play music and have hot running water when flushed and another $600,000 was spent on air-conditioned tents for their guests! But hey, who am I to judge… She’s a first daughter! LOL

5. More recently, basketball legend Michael Jordan got married to his stunning second wife Yvette Prieto. If inviting 2,000 guests for the reception wasn’t enough, how about throwing the reception on the property of Michael’s home that is the size of two football fields!  I would have LOVED to see the size of that venue, sheesh! I’m a bit surprised this wedding only cost $10 million.

4. Coleen McLoughlin wife of Manchester United and England football star Wayne Rooney spent $112,000 to fly from the UK to New York and back six times just for the wedding dress fitting. Talk about being a perfectionist LOL.  She and Rooney not only spent $130,000 for a masked ball on a yacht (omg!!), but they weren’t satisfied with one wedding reception because they reportedly spent another $330,000 on a second reception! I guess two is better than one!

3. Serbian super model Aleksandra Nikolic and  Russian Billionaire Andrey Melnichenko’s wedding was nothing short of over the top. Reportedly, this fabulous couple flew celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Julio Iglesias and Whitney Houston (costing $3.6 million each!) to France on private jets just to perform for the wedding. That’s one concert, I mean, “reception” I wish I didn’t miss

2. The famous Napster Co-founder and Facebook billionaire Sean Parker married singer-songwritter Alexandra Lenas! This crazy bunch turned a campsite into a Lord of the Rings-meets-Avatar-meets-Game of Thrones, fantasy themed wedding (phew, that’s a mouthful!). Fake ruins, waterfalls, ponds, bridges and a gated cottage were built just for this mystical ceremony of imagination. To top it off, all guests received costumes to  keep in the theme of the wedding “in character” which in the end cranked the bill to $9 million.

1. And before the royal baby, there was a royal wedding. Fairytale couple Prince William and Kate Middleton sure put on a show for the whole world to see back in 2011. The flowers alone cost $800,000 (just to decorate a chapel!) And we can’t forget that gorgeous dress she wore that was designed by Sarah Burton that cost a royal $434,000! Just a small price compared to price of the entire extravaganza of $34 million (wow!). This Cinderella couple took the wedding cake for THE MOST extravagant wedding to date… and rightfully so.

Who do YOU think had the best wedding?


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