My top 10 color block bikinis!

So I was planning this trip with a few of my closest friends to the Bahamas. We booked the flight, hotel, and rental car. Of course our hotel was right next to their GORGEOUS beach. Well, a week, before the trip my bestie came over to help me pack. Girls, you know how it is when you are planning a trip; you need OPTIONS, so we had about 4 suitcases all over my room. One for hair care products, shoes, clothes, and accessories. Once we had FINALLY finished packing everything, my aunt walks in and we tell her everything I have packed. She looks at me with a grin on her face and says “What about your swim suits?” OMG!!!! During all of the excitement I had totally forgotten about a swimsuit!!! That was like choosing 5 whole new outfits (we were going for 5 days). I only had less than a week to find something, order it, and have it shipped to me. How is that even possible??

I immediately hopped on my laptop to start searching the internet. I found NOTHING that I liked the first 3 hours so I gave up, took a shower, and went to sleep. Maybe in the morning I would have better luck after a good night sleep. The next morning I woke up and while drinking my coffee, I started my search again. After about an hour, I found the CUTEST bikini ever! Maybe it was the way it looked on the model or the bright colors that attracted my attention, but I immediately fell in love. I ordered 5 and they got to me right on time for my vacation and they fit awesome, the colors complimented my skin tone and the best part is that it made my boobs look so perfect!!

Needless to say, since I live in South Florida, I have a NEED for cute swim suits year round. When we got back from vacation, I just had to find more of these bikinis (it became my obsession). Well first I figured out they were called COLOR BLOCK BIKINIS. Then I used Google (of course) to find more sites that offered more of a variety, not just the ones I got excited about and bought 5 of (ladies you know how you get when you fine something cute). During my investigation, I found even more color block bikinis that I just had to have. Ok I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here are my top 10 favorite color block bikinis (yes I have added these to my collection already lol):


maylana color block swimsuit one piece


10- MAYLANA ARI MULTI AQUA ONE PIECE: This One piece is one of my favorites for one simple reason: the combination of colors is a delight, they are nice pastel shades that give an air of naivety. It’s simply adorable! This swimsuit provides moderate coverage at the rear, but at the same time it has an open back design, so it's perfect if you want to show skin but still cover your butt. Oh, and the best part, this One Piece is reversible to aqua! Girls, these are two swimsuits for the price of one. Please tell me if that's not a good deal!



9- MAYLANA ARI MULTI BLACK ONE PIECE: This bathing suit is for those girls who prefer classic and aesthetic colors, something simple but elegant. I don't know about you guys, but I see this one piece as the perfect swim outfit for a beach day. With this swimsuit you’ll feel like an actress in the red carpet. The sand is your stage and the sun becomes your spotlight! This beauty is also reversible to beige, so I insist, get this spectacular one piece, your Instagram pics will thank you later.



8- Come on. Drum roll, please. Because I'd like to introduce you to the MAYLANA ROCCO MULTI BLACK BOTTOM. A hipster bottom that is modern yet classic. Black never goes out of style, and the band of two different colors and fabrics is a nice detail too. It is also reversible to beige with a Brazilian cut, which is an extraordinarily good option for anyone who wants something classy and daring.



7- TOUCHÉ JUJUBE COLOR BLOCK ONE PIECE: Oh, god, Tell me if you don't see this One Piece and feel the tropical vibes all over your body. I think it's simple but divine. Featuring a moderate coverage and additional padding, this swimsuit is perfect for fair skinned girls due to the contrast with the warm undertones on the bathing suit. If you are one of these girls, what are you waiting for? This swimsuit could be your one true love!



6- MAYLANA WILLA WHITE BEIGE TOP: Triangle style, padded, reversible and classy. These features could be found in many other tops, but there is something on this particular top that feels right to me. The combination of Beige and White colors is simply breathtaking. I just Love, Love, Love it. Oh, and as usual in Maylana, this swimsuit is reversible, so you can mix it up with a lot of other bottoms and still look like a fashionista!



5- This Bikini is a tad bit different than any other swimsuit in this Top 10 list, but that's not a bad thing. I have a particular taste in colors, this is not my preferred color palette, but I have to admit that this bathing suit is killing me! (In a good way, of course). It’s funny, a little sassy and bold. It reminds me of a night at the disco with my best friends. TOUCHÉ SPLASHY HIPSTER BOTTOM provides moderate coverage at the rear and TOUCHÉ SPLASHY BANDEAU TOP has removable pads and a delicate gold detail at front. This bikini is absolutely chic, it kind of says: “I'm here to have fun”. I think it's worth giving it a try.



4- MAYLANA DANI WHITE BEIGE MONOKINI. Where would I even start? This One Piece is a blessing from heaven, I think it's really obvious that is one of my favorite swimsuits. First of all, it is a Monokini, I don’t need to remind you how amazing they are for me. Secondly, the combination of colors is perfect, trendy and delightful, ideal for any occasion. This One Piece provides full coverage at back, a backless design, and also a high waisted style. It will definitely give you a retro look which will make lots of heads turn.



3- The next bikini is another miracle from the swimsuit goddesses -if something like that exists, lol. This should be the go-to swimsuit for women with small bust. TOUCHÉ JUJUBE TRIANGLE TOP features additional padding for better fit, and the TOUCHÉ JUJUBE BOTTOM provides moderate coverage at back. I don’t know, but it looks delicate and sexy at the same time. With its bright colors and beautiful design, you'll be ready for you next dream vacation!



2- MAYLANA TASH BLACK BEIGE TOP & MAYLANA AUSLAND BLACK BEIGE BOTTOM: Guys, maybe you’ll think that I'm a bit cray cray, but I just want to say: this bikini is my other half! So much that I could marry it. If you ask me why I love it, let me just tell you: It’s so incredibly comfortable I could die from happiness, I love the colors, the simplicity and traditional elegance in both top and bottom. It's like a nude swimsuit with a little touch of black. The top is padded, and the bottom has these little strings that make you look extra feminine when you wear it. Besides, the bottom is reversible to black. Love it, I completely love it.



1- MAYLANA GIANA WHITE BEIGE ONE PIECE: This charming Monokini has plenty of features worth highlighting, I'm sure that you will love it as much as I do...  This color block one piece is caged at the sides, so it's perfect if you want to show a little bit more skin without having to wear a two-piece bikini. It provides Brazilian cut at the rear and is also reversible to solid beige. The design is a dream and the colors are stylish and classy. I see the future, gals, and the future comes with this Monokini.

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