The designer was interviewed by Daily Miami magazine for the July 17, 2010 edition about the debut of Nanette Lepore Swimwear 2011.

Welcome to the world of Swim!
I’m excited about it! It’s going to really reflect the prints and cover-ups that we’ve done in the past. We’ve pulled some of our greatest prints, so we’re mixing the old and new. There will be lots to choose from!


Why launch swim now?

Personally, I’m using swimwear now more than I ever thought I would. I’m going on four or five trips a year when I need swimsuits, so I’m really able to use it year-round. I also think there’s a renewed interest in owning multiple suits. I got addicted to them! We travel a lot. My daughter loves the island of Mustique. We go to Jamaica for New Year’s, and we also visit South Beach twice a year. We usually do an Italian beach vacation, too. And we’re hoping for Greece next year!

Are you targeting the same customers?
Definitely! There’s a nice cohesiveness and a lifestyle view of the brand. We’re working with a great swimwear company that has a lot of experience with fit. I think it’s all going to work nicely.

You have a vintage swim collection from your travels around the world. Which cultures have inspired you most?
I love to mix up different ethnic details. For me, it’s everything from an African print to a couple of old embroidered ‘50s ones. Bright embroideries work so well for swimwear!

Rhumba Heartbreaker Halter Bikini by Nanette Lepore Swimwear 2011

Do you have a favorite suit?

Ah! I do wear a lot of Puccis. I grew up watching my mom, so I’m attached to that era.

What do you like to do in Miami?
I like to stay at the Raleigh Hotel – I’m very stubborn about that. My daughter and I do our routine: She’ll get her milkshake and then get lunch at the beach shack. I like Miami, because you can put on a pretty dress and walk to a nice restaurant. The city also gives me a place to test market my early resort pieces.

How do you keep cool in the heat?
I hate air conditioning! I just had them turn it off! I love to sit in an outdoor café and sip a glass of rosé.

Source: Daily Magazine | A Moment With…Nanette Lepore (07-17/2010)


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