Naya Rivera Bikini Party – Too much?

I’m having some difficulty with the latest series of photos from television star Naya Rivera. Now, I once was a very huge Naya Rivera fan. She plays Santana Lopez on the famous fox hit show Glee, pushing the boundaries of social norms in high school while cleverly inputting her wit and sharp tongue. Her character was funny, fierce, and fashionably a star. It was difficult not to love her on the show and by just watching her in interviews.

But, I came across a few photos lately, thanks to Huffington Post, and was a bit disgruntled. The actress, who is engaged to rapper Big Sean, is seen rocking a few two piece swimsuits while lounging by the pool in this new spread. Normally, we at Orchid Boutique can appreciate a good celebrity in a bikini photoshoot, but this one seemed a bit off. Is it me, or does Naya Rivera look like she is entering unhealthy territory?

naya rivera bikini

Now, maybe to the average viewer she looks great. But when you’ve been a fan for a while and understand how her body shape used to make everyone swoon (Latinas unite!) then you would understand. This is Ms. Rivera less than a year ago.

Now, can you spot the difference? I don’t normally like to comment on actresses and their weight, but as a star on the show Glee, which is very much viewed by a younger audience, and is known for challenging social norms, I don’t think this is a good representation for our youth of America. With such crazy fads as the “thigh gap”, I’m a bit wary of Ms. Rivera being a role model for kids. She always had these sensational curves to her, while still being naturally thin. But I feel like perhaps she has lost “too” much weight.

Is there such a thing? Just a month or so ago, the latest Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Frederickson was under harsh criticism for losing a scary amount of weight after the show ended. Frederickson shocked the country when she stepped on the stage weighing only a mere 105lbs.


The reaction from most, although some harsh, was finally what we needed. In a society which praises actresses for being OVERLY skinny (collarbones poppin’ out like a wire hanger) we might finally be on the verge of changing those stereotypes. Thankfully, Frederickson recently came out to show off a 20 lb heavier physique and finally feels she has reached the “perfect” weight.

There is a difference between being skinny and being healthy. Clean eating is a great bandwagon to jump on if you’d rather go the healthy route. Exercising often to relieve stress and lose weight the right way. It’s about time that we promote healthy body issues and frown upon the unhealthy ways that have inhabited celebrity culture. We hope Naya Rivera is healthy, and most of all happy.

Tell us what you think! Is the weight loss a bit too dramatic? Did you like the curves she had before?

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