If you are a Miami local you have probably heard of Luli Fama Swimwear. I personally will always believe that she is the inventor of the scrunchy bottom look, a bottom style that truly saved my bikini life.

We are happy to announce Luli Fama Swimwear as one of our newest brands for our 2013 swimwear season. I think you all will love the unique prints and sexy vibe this collection brings to our catalog.

My favorite Luli Fama bikini that we carry so far is the Wild Indulgence sequined top and bottom. It brings me back to Legally Blonde when Elle Woods (a.k.a Reese Witherspoon) when tanning on campus in her baby pink sequined bikini. Since the day I saw that movie in the theaters I wanted her two-piece, and now that day is finally here. Stay tuned for more 2013 Luli Fama bikinis to come in soon!

To channel your inner Elle Woods, get her look on our site here: http://www.theorchidboutique.com/wild-indulgence-sequin-bikini.html


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