New Arrivals: Greenpacha

The Orchid Boutique is proud to introduce our newest accessory brand Greenpacha. This Ecuadorian brand brings a new flavor and flare to our headdress assortment and offers beautiful hats that will fit anyone’s personal style.  Their styled fashion is pulled from an artistic form of expression that includes quality items derived from art and beauty.

This young urban brand is not only stylish but is aiding in the continuance of the ancient art and culture of Panama hat making in Ecuador. All of these beach hats are 100% handmade by weaving communities in Ecuador who have kept this noble tradition of hat creation alive and famous.  The weavers and hat finishers in Ecuador are artists whose craft has been passed down from generations. Panama hats are still widely known as the finest straw hats in the world and who better to spread the word of this hidden gem then yours truly.

Made by tequila palm straw, a sustainable palm that grows in the Ecuadorian coast, these hats are totally natural and eco-friendly. Each hat is crafted and finished in Latin America with techniques that do not harm our planet or workers.  In addition, Greenpacha donates 2% of total sales to the weaving community of Sig Sig in Ecuador. If that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside I don’t know what will.

Greenpacha brings to you the best of this Latin American tradition, combined with good design and a clear vision. It makes me proud to support a brand that is so willing to give back to others while working to build a greener and better world through conscious fashion.

To view more hats, visit Greenpacha on our homepage.



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