Malai Swimwear has grown up so much since last season and I’m excited to see the brand become the most fabulous version of itself. They added padded tops to their 2013 swimwear and really upped their game with prints and silhouettes.

As always, I find pure joy in sharing my favorite styles with you and giving you the inside info on what’s fabulous about them. My top pick that I am trying on immediately is the Studded Glam Gia. Between it having a tribal print and being a reversible bikini, I’m pretty sure this bikini was made for me. But I’ll share it with you guys only because I love you.

My ‘I’m dying over you’ pick is without a doubt the Gates of Chic. More like the gates to my heart! This black one piece swimsuit has such a WOW factor when people see the back view. Though I haven’t worn a one piece swimsuit in years, this baby really makes me reconsider the idea. It’s just so darn tempting. Sigh…let’s take a moment for this one…

My final pick is two-in-one, my favorite kind! The Trendsetter Embroidery has this breathe taking top that is covered in sequins, making it one of the most majestic beaded bikinis I’ve seen in a while. Malai paired it with a simple black bottom as to not derail from the top’s beauty, and I couldn’t agree more. However, if you want to stand out just a bit more (I always do), then you can pair the Trendsetter Embroidery top with the Beads of Glam bottom. WA-LA – two looks in one purchase, baby.

Funny side note: How much does the Malai model look like Christina Aguilera?! Maybe they are cousins…

Enjoy the rest of Malai Swimwear’s new, 2013 collection by visiting our site here:


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