New Orchid Label 2013

Calling all fashion lovers!! The new 2013 Orchid Label collection is here and it is better than ever.

If you have been wondering how you were ever going to find the perfect swimsuit for yourself this year, your worries are now over. Orchid Label is an exclusive brand carried only by the Orchid Boutique that is full of mix & match bikinis!

These solid swimsuits give customers the luxury of mixing and matching any top and bottom to create a custom suit that will fulfill your personal preference. We offer several swim suits in multiple colors and all with uniquely different silhouettes. The possibilities are endless with the amount of custom choices you can create for yourself.

Check out some of these super fun combos I personally put together just for you!

And if that isn’t enough, you’re going to love this! If we are not carrying your favorite 2013 suit in a color that you want, you have the power to special order it from us at no additional cost… WowZa!  All you have to do is contact our corporate office and put in your custom order, it’s that easy.

For more customizable options, check out our Orchid Label brand page.


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