Orchid Butterfly Monokini by Sabz Luxury
Orchid Butterfly Monokini by Sabz Luxury

The new 2010 Sabz Luxury Swimwear sizzles. Hardware accents, shiny tones, nautical styles… practically a formulaic way to generate a stare of the good kind. The kind where people go “oh, that’s a sexy swimsuit! She looks great!…” And you smile and say thank you but inside you know. You know you rocked that suit. You know your taste. You know luxury swimwear. Well, that’s kind of what we’re shooting for.

Fashionistas have such a take with Sabz that they’ve made it clear. It’s a romance of sorts. So for 2010 The Orchid Boutique teamed up with Sabz Luxury to create three exclusive designs, to be found nowhere else in the world (cyber or otherwise). Recommended among the exclusive swimsuits is the Orchid Butterfly Monokini. The black and gold print brings a sexy and sophisticated flair, and the butterfly shaped hardware at bust provides a bit of uniqueness. Monokinis have become a staple to luxury swimwear, and for 2010, they’re an industry-declared must have.

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