New Trends you Need for Spring Break

I have been feeling like I’m getting into a rut lately so I decided that I need something new and inspiring. Since online shopping is my addiction and I really need some new bikinis for the upcoming warmer months I decided to do a little research on the new swimwear trends. New season, new trends! I am really excited about my discoveries and we will break down each of these 5 styles so you can make up your mind about which sounds more promising for you. For one thing I know I love them all and will need to expand my bikini budget accordingly.


Macrame bikinis are the next big trend in swimwear. For starters, macarame bikinis offer an innovative style that varies from the usual solid construction. This gives the illusion of a more elaborate bikini, a more “customized” bikini if you will. No one wants to feel like they’re just part of the bunch, so wearing a more elaborate bikini makes you feel special. The macrame construction allows for a sexier silhouette. The macrame bikinis give off a boho-chic vibe since it inspired in other decades. This style is perfect for the beach, yachting, or even the pool. There is also the option of wearing a macrame top as clothing. It’s simple, throw your swimsuit top on with some shorts, or jeans and you have a complete look! Perfect for beach to bar, or even to rock out in at music festivals! A macrame bikini is the perfect look for Coachella or any music festival; you can’t get more boho than that. Everyone loves details and handmade bikinis (or at least they look like handmade), and this is a brand new way to get that look while showcasing a brand new trend! If you’re feeling the retro style this is definitely for you.


High Neck

High Neck top bikinis are a must for the comfort oriented fashionista. This construction offers maximum support for larger busts, and more control during sports or even dancing. This is the perfect top for more coverage and a more security in the bust area; we don’t want anything hanging out. The high neck provides a lifting effect, because we all need a little lift from time to time. High neck tops can give the effect of an underwire top without the pain that cups might cause and with a more moderate cleavage. Variety of fabrics can help create distinct style statements and add versatility. For example, if you want to show some cleavage go for a mesh high neck. Some high necks come with soft cups ideal for those of us who need a little extra support. You can also wear the top with a pair of cutoff jean shorts or a skirt to complete your outfit. This trend is a simple way of changing your style from the classic triangle tops. Whether you select a two piece or a one piece, a high neck will provide the support and coverage you need while remaining trendy!


Scrunchy butt

The sultry appeal of a scrunchy butt bottom is what it makes it so interesting. A typical scrunchy butt will include a bottom that has a ruching detail the back to provide a flattering fit. If you thing about it, almost all bottom tend to get inside your butt crack, excuse my French. This ruching or stitching details means that the bottom will provide a “cheekier” fit and provide the illusion of a lifted derriere. They come in a variety of styles: string, hipster, you name it. This bottom style is also referred to as the ruched bottom because the bottom has a stitching in the back that shows up as a ruched detail at the back. This attributes to the sexier, more feminine look that most of us love. If you need a lift on your bottom section, this is the way to go; this bottom will help to flaunt your natural curves and beauty.



The cheeky bottom is ideal for showing a little more booty without going to extremes like a full on thong. I don’t have anything against thongs, but I know my bottom is not exhibition worthy. The word cheeky itself conveys an image of a more playful and sexy look. If you want a flirty twist on your beach style this is an ideal option. They are usually narrower than moderate or full coverage bottoms and the cut itself give the illusion of a lifted bottom. Some of the pros of these bottoms include: better tan lines and more exposure for your bum without revealing all. They are a nice compromise between a full coverage and a thong. They also come in a variety of styles like strings or hipsters, making it easy to select your favorite bottom with a cheeky coverage.


Seamless bikinis offer an amazing benefit of comfort and a less tight fabric, resulting in a more flattering fit. This helps give the image of a thinner body, which is something every woman wants to highlight! Another great benefit is that seamless bikinis are constructed with no visible stitching, meaning you will accentuate your natural curves without feeling itchy (we’ve all experienced that annoying feeling of itchiness from stitching) or emphasizing problem areas. A seamless swimsuit allows for a sexier way to wear your bikini or one piece without experiencing any discomfort. They are ultra-comfy, so you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when you are on the beach or our relaxing by the pool. The softer edges result in a sexier silhouette and they are the perfect option for any swimwear look. They come in a variety of cuts and fabrics but they are definitely the best option for those who value comfort and still want to look trendy.


Ana Lopez

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