Ready to hit the beach, channel that inner animal, and bare those chiseled abs and buns? Well if you are, you are in the same boat as Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Known to light up the streets of the concrete jungle, New York City Housewife bared it all in her animal print bikini paired with bright beaded jewelry and let’s just say- a not so necessary fur coat.

Model turned reality show star is known to make very bold fashion statements with her bare-it-all attitude. But in this case, she hit the mark when she was seen in a leopard print two-piece draped in a floor length mink. I know what you are thinking. A fur coat? Not the best pick to accessorize a swimsuit. But let’s not forget her bright, bold, and vibrant beads. Beaded jewels are this summer’s must-haves when it comes to accessorizing.

To match Kelly’s bold and daring look, might we suggest Material Girl bikini by Lady Lux. Channel that inner animal wearing this two-piece leopard print triangle top bikini, detailed with leather belted straps to give you that sexy jungle feel. And might we add a trendy beaded necklace to bring a bright bold color in the mix. Now that’s how you hit the sand like New York’s own Kelly Killoren Bensimon. Minus the mink.


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