In case you hadn’t noticed, the 70s are back. It’s all about boot leg pants, boho outfits, and our favorite groovy trend: denim. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Roberts, and Nicole Richie are all in on the bandwagon.

The great thing about denim is that is not limited to just jeans. Denim-inspired bathing suits are all the rage these days, and the new collection by True Religion Swimwear embodies ths look fabulously.

Our favorite pick of the season is the Jeanius One Piece by True Religion. The denim-inspired brand brings their signature horseshoe staple, gold jean buttons, and rugged embroidery finishes to their water-ready garments. To us, the best part about the True Religion swimsuits is that the ‘denim’ look is achieved by disguising superior spandex (ie, swimsuit fabric) with jean-like fabric . The texture and feel makes it feel so denim-y, but really the swimsuit spandex stretches and fits the body snug.

The super cute “u” embroidery in the bottom rear and the frayed hem down the torso give this one-piece swimsuit a rock and roll flair. If you’re more into two-piece bikinis, try the Jeanius Halter. This halter swimsuit features the same iconic ‘u’ shape at the top and frayed hem. It’s boho, rocker, and all TR.


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